The Social Welfare & Justice major is a multidisciplinary major within the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences that looks at justice from anthropology, criminal justice and law, sociology and social work perspectives. Students can also minor in SOWJ or combine the SOWJ major with a major in sociology or criminal justice and law. Students interested in a psychology major can also count psychology statistics and research courses toward the SOWJ major.

Major Requirements:

Minor Requirements:

Sample Elective courses:  Victim Services & Policies; Advocacy & Social Change; Immigrants & Their Communities; Faith-based Activism; Conflict Resolution & Restorative Justice; International Social Work Practices; Race & Family; Social Inequality; Race, Gender & Medicine; Domestic Violence

Upon completion of major in social Welfare and Justice, a student should be able to:

  1. Interpret qualitative and quantitative data when used as measures of the social justice objectives of human dignity, freedom, equity, and non-discriminatory access to opportunities and services.
  2. Demonstrate the foundational knowledge and analytic skills necessary for evaluating the status of social welfare and justice in the United States.
  3. Use an appropriate empirical research method to assess a human need.
  4. Demonstrate a critical understanding of social science theories and professional practices as applied to advancing the well being of individuals, families, and communities.
  5. Identify and use interpersonal skills appropriate to specific professional applications.


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