Jeffrey Berry, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Berry, Ph.D., receives National Science Foundation grant

Dr. Jeffrey Berry, assistant professor of speech pathology, and Dr. Mike Johnson, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, received a grant from the National Science Foundation - EAGER program. The award of $176, 431 will support a project entitled “Acoustic-Articulator Modeling for Pronunciation Analysis.” The goal of the project is to develop an articulatory-acoustic database of native and non-native (Mandarin) American-English speech. This database will be comprised of speech-movement data and synchronized speech-acoustic data acquired using a 3D speech-movement tracking system. The database will be distributed freely to the international research community to help support improvements in the development of Computer-Aided Language Learning systems. Current systems lack a sufficient understanding about the details of the articulatory errors that contribute to poor pronunciation in non-native speech. Improvements in native-Mandarin pronunciation of American English will improve teaching effectiveness for international students and faculty and support integration into the American workforce.


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