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FAQs - Financial Aid, Graduate scholarship and assistantships

What is the likelihood of scholarships or assistantships as a first year graduate student?

Tuition scholarships and graduate assistantships are merit based. Since we have virtually no way of assessing clinical merit, it means that we look almost exclusively at academic merit. The more competitive your grades and GRE scores, the more likely you will receive financial assistance.

If there is evidence of research experience or aptitude in your application (for example, you worked in a research lab as an undergraduate, you wrote an undergraduate research thesis, you took research design or statistics classes as an undergraduate), this would be looked upon favorably.

What is the tuition rate per year for in-state and out-of-state residents?
Graduate tuition rates are the same for both Wisconsin and out-of-state residents. Tuition is the same in the Summer term as it is in the Fall and Spring terms.
What is the average cost of living? Is there housing set aside for graduate students? If not, is there available housing nearby?

Marquette does not own housing specifically for graduate students. The Marquette neighborhood and the Greater Milwaukee community provide a wide variety of housing options for graduate students and families. The Office of University Apartments & Off-campus Student Services can help direct your search for housing that will suit your needs during your time at Marquette. The office also publishes the Tenant Guide, the primary resource students use to find housing in the near-Marquette neighborhood. The guide not only lists a majority of the properties located in the immediate Marquette neighborhood, but it also offers useful information on safety, budgeting, and campus and community resources. You may contact their office at 414-288-7281 or you can access a variety of resources online.

How do student loans work in Wisconsin and at Marquette?
Basic information about graduate student loans can be found at: http://www.marquette.edu/mucentral/financialaid/grad_loans_types.shtml.
When is tuition due for the Fall semester?
Billing statements first go out in mid-August. Detailed questions about tuition charges should be directed to the Bursar's Office.




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