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FAQs - Application Process

How do I apply to the graduate program?

The online application must be submitted before any additional admission materials can be sent to the graduate school. Click here for more detailed information.

What should I write in my personal statement?
In your statement you can discuss anything about yourself that you think will help us evaluate you as an applicant. We will have your transcripts, GRE scores, and three letters of recommendation. This tells us a lot but not everything about you. Topics you might address in your personal statement include: your areas of interest within the field, what you find appealing at Marquette, activities you've been involved in outside of school and how these have influenced you, and any positive or negative experiences that may have impacted your academic career.
Should letters of recommendation be on letterhead? Is there a form that my professors need to complete instead?
There is no form. The Graduate School prefers that letters be submitted electronically, in which case they are uploaded as computer files. If letters are mailed in hard copy, they should be printed on official university letterhead.
How do I check on whether all my application materials have been received?
Applicants receive an online account at the beginning of the online application process. This allows applicants to log in as often as needed to in order to add information, check the status of your application and verify when application is complete.
What is the deadline for graduate applications?
For students seeking to enter in the Fall term, the deadline is January 15. For students entering in the Spring term, it is November 15.
Do you admit students into the graduate program in the Spring semester?

Yes, we do accept applications for admission in the Spring semester. However, we will only admit students for the spring if there is space available. The deadline for such applications is November 15.

The graduate curriculum and clinical programs, both on and off campus, function best when students enter the program in the Fall semester. We are better able to sequence courses for such students and can better forecast our need to recruit patients for our on-campus clinic and to arrange for off-campus school and medical placement opportunities.

If you apply for Spring admission and are not successful, you can reapply for admission for the following Fall semester.

If I am admitted into the graduate program, how long do I have to decide whether to accept the offer of admission?

Deadline for accepting offers for fall admittance is April 15.

Deadline for accepting offers for spring admittance is December 15.

If I am accepted into the graduate program, is it possible to postpone my start date for a year?

No, admission cannot be deferred. Note that this is a policy of the graduate program in speech-language pathology, not of the Marquette University Graduate School.

Applicants must re-apply for admission the following year. You will be considered again for financial aid in the next year's admission cycle. It is not guaranteed that a scholarship offer will be repeated from one year to the next.




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