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What is the University Staff Senate?

The University Staff Senate is a group of elected individuals who represent Marquette University staff so that their views and interests may be considered, alongside those of faculty and students, in the advancement of the university’s mission and in the conduct of institutional affairs that affect our shared work environment and policies.

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Elections 2015-2016

It is election time for University Staff Senate and there are open positions available. Please consider serving and/or nominating people who you think will effectively serve as a representative on University Staff Senate. Nominations will be accepted through June 15, 2015. The committee has much more influence than in the past and needs dedicated individuals who can help it to mature to its fullest potential. Please consider participating in USS.

Staff Senate Nomination Form 2015



We want to hear from you

Ideas and comments you share with the University Staff Senate are discussed in the monthly meetings. When appropriate, ideas and action items are taken to the University Leadership Council for consideration. Share your ideas here.

The University Staff Senate will convene every third Thursday of the month at noon.


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