Strategic planning Themes

In his Aug. 28, 2012, communication to campus, Father Pilarz described five themes that emerged as overarching ideas – common across colleges, disciplines, departments and constituencies – in formal listening sessions and informal discussions held during the 2011–12 academic year. These broad themes are intended to guide the creation of the university’s strategic plan, along with external data and internal input that will help identify specific goals and priorities.

  • Pursuit of Academic Excellence for Human Well-being: Marquette’s fundamental characteristic is its commitment to academic excellence. Marquette is further distinguished by its history of offering a professional education that is grounded in the arts and sciences. Building our academic strengths will be the primary focus of our planning and will be grounded in service of the “well-being” of the world, a tradition established by the earliest leaders of Jesuit higher education. This pursuit of excellence combines with our historic commitment to educational access.
  • Research in Action: Marquette is increasingly recognized for the research and scholarship undertaken by our faculty and students. Faculty and others describe research at Marquette as having a strong sense of purpose and action, whether it is through the development of solutions to the world’s most pressing problems or the search for answers to life’s deepest questions. This distinguishing focus of our university needs to be both better articulated and better prioritized through our planning process.
  • Service, Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement: Building on the university’s tradition of leadership among its sister institutions in drawing meaning and purpose from its Catholic and Jesuit mission and identity, Marquette’s students, faculty, staff and alumni live out a deep commitment to serving others and pursuing social justice. Our community recognizes that as a Jesuit university, Marquette has a special opportunity and responsibility to Milwaukee in particular and to contribute more broadly to needed solutions of community problems, especially through the knowledge and expertise of its faculty and students.
  • Formation of the Heart and Soul: With our educational experience rooted in the humanistic curriculum established by the earliest Jesuits, Marquette will continue to prioritize its commitment to develop each student’s full potential inside and outside the classroom. In the context of an increasingly diverse community, we will continue to draw on our special gift for formation, academically, socially and spiritually.
  • Stewardship of Valuable Resources: For the strategic plan to be effective, any priorities established must be tied to specific financial plans and a commitment to appropriate resources, whether financial, human, physical or any other sort. We need to deepen our collective understanding of our financial reality—including the constraints of our annual budget and the hyper-competitive marketplace for new students, for research grants and for fundraising. If we want to invest in new ideas—to act boldly, as we heard over and over again — we should look for ways to accept the challenge of being innovative and entrepreneurial in pursuing our dreams while practicing discipline and efficiency in controlling costs.
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Beyond Boundaries

Branded Strategic Plan Document CoverApproved by Marquette's Board of Trustees in
May 2013, Beyond Boundaries: Setting the Course for Marquette's Future builds on the bold spirit that has always blessed Marquette University. In seeking to carry forward this tradition today, the university community collectively developed a clear vision of the qualities that must distinguish the Marquette of tomorrow. This strategic plan website was established as a vehicle for the campus community to learn about the strategic plan development and implementation process.