Classes with extra availability

Following are classes with extra availability for enrollment, including a number of classes that satisfy core requirements. For class dates, times and up-to-date enrollment information, visit the Snapshot of Classes for Summer 2014.

ARSC 1020, sec. 101
Major Concepts in Modern Science 1
(Satisfies UCCS Science and Nature requirement)

BISC, sec. 102
Contemporary Issues in Nutrition
(Satisfies UCCS Science and Nature requirement)
100% distance learning

ENGL 1002, sec. 101
Rhetoric and Composition 2
(Satisfies UCCS Rhetoric requirement)

HIST 1501, sec. 103
East Asia
(Satisfies UCCS Diverse Cultures requirement and UCCS Histories of Cultures and Societies requirement)
100% distance learning

MATH 1390, sec. 101
Finite Mathematics
(Satisfies UCCS Mathematical Reasoning requirement)

MATH 1450, sec. 101
Calculus 1
(Satisfies UCCS Mathematical Reasoning requirement)

MATH 2450, sec. 101
Calculus 3

PHIL 4540, sec. 701
Philosophy of Education (note: evening offering)

PSYC 3650, sec. 101
Affective Neuroscience

SOWJ 2150, sec. 102
Immigrants and Their Communities
(Satisfies UCCS Diverse Cultures requirement)
100% distance learning

SPAN 2001, sec. 101
Intermediate Spanish 1

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