According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2007), the world’s energy supply is the number one emissions source for greenhouse gases (EPA source). Like the world, Marquette’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions is its energy use.  As you can imagine, Marquette requires a great deal of energy to function, which is necessary to provide the learning, living, research and working conditions required of a higher education institution.   Below are some data and information on campus energy use.

Campus energy use

Marquette uses three types of energy on campus: electricity, steam and gas.  Electricity is used to power buildings while steam and gas are used to heat the buildings.  While all campus buildings consume electricity, not all buildings use gas and/or steam.  The steam used to heat university buildings comes from We Energies’ Valley Power Plant.  While the Valley Power Plant is a coal plant, it is also a cogeneration plant.  For the Valley Power Plant, cogeneration means that rather than releasing the steam created during electricity production, they capture it and use it to heat area buildings.  Once captured, We Energies is able to distribute the steam through an underground network to heat area buildings.  Co-generation plants are more efficient than normal coal plants as they capture a bi-product associated with burning coal (steam) and repurpose it for something useful.   


Fiscal Year kWh % change from previous year
2012 59,678,497 - 0.83
2011 60,176,797 + 4.93
2010 57,348,796 + 3.78
2009 55,260,879 - 1.82
2008 56,287,507  


Fiscal Year mlbs % change from previous year
2012 224,912 - 11.96
2011 255,472 + 5.14
2010 242,990 + 1.88
2009 238,506 + 3.36
2008 230,750  


Fiscal Year Therms % change from previous year
2012 213,629 - 43.42
2011 377,579 + 16.53
2010 324,018 - 7.02
2009 348,484 - 7.47
2008 376,607  

Total campus BTU usage

Fiscal Year MMBtu % change from previous year
2012 493,531 - 9.96
2011 548,115 + 5.77
2010 518,206 + 1.97
2009 508,175 + 0.58
2008 505,229  

Conversion factors

Energy unit MMBtu equivalent
1 kWh 0.003412
1 mlb 1.194
1 therm 0.1

Electricity use by building

Energy use reduction initiatives

Throughout the years Marquette has taken initiative to reduce its energy usage, thus helping avoid certain operating costs (paying for kilowatt hours).  One major initiative was a partnership between Johnson Controls, Focus on Energy and Marquette which helped renovate many of Marquette’s older systems and lighting and installing new, more energy efficient systems.  This initiative decreased the university’s annual energy use by 1,547,000 kilowatt hours and annual water usage by 13,462,000 gallons.  Since then, the university has been taking on smaller initiatives here and there that cumulatively help reign in energy consumption.  Some of these efforts include:

How you can help

There are small, easy ways you can help reduce Marquette’s energy needs. Some of which include:

Energy resources

We Energies
Focus on Energy
EPA Energy Star
Energy Information Administration
Department of Energy
Labs for the 21st Century

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