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Free Money to Save Water? You Can Do It, and Here’s How

McGee Young, associate professor of political science, founded MeterHero, a website that allows users to earn cash rebates when they conserve water. “Raising water rates is very unpopular, so there’s pressure to keep rates low. I don’t think we can count on our water utilities and our government agencies to do the job for us,” Young said.

Story appeared on the websites of Yahoo News and Take Part, Nov. 21, 2014.

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Marquette University debuts reusable takeout containers in dining halls

It's the latest "green" thing at Marquette University, and every freshman and sophomore in a residence hall has one.

It's called an OZZI (pronounced Oh-zee), a 9-by-9 inch bluish-green plastic container that's microwaveable and BPA-free.

If all goes as planned, the OZZI will replace tens of thousands of disposable takeout containers that for years have filled garbage cans in campus dining areas, and eventually ended up in landfills.

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