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Awards 2008-2009

PhD candidates Tony Bonta and Thomas Bridges were each awarded an Arts and Sciences travel grant for spring 2009.

Tony Bonta will present a paper entitled, "An American Catholic Response to Racism and Discrimination," under the Historical Perspective on Religion category at the 2009 Spring Upper Midwest Regional American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature Meeting at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota March 27-28. This presentation incorporates his current dissertation research.

Thomas Bridges presented a paper entitled "Christology 'After God': Incarnation and Secularism," in a section on Philosophical Theology, at the Wesleyan Theological Society Annual Meeting, at Anderson University, Anderson, IN, March 5-7. The paper is the revised fruit of the research and writing he did for Dr. D. Stephen Long's Fall 2008 course "Christology: The Incarnation.” In the paper he explicates religion scholar Mark C. Taylor's new theory of religion which accounts for the endurance of religion in a secular age, and argues that the Christology he espouses makes violence and death necessary.




Theology Department Mission Statement

Theology Department Mission Statement

Marquette University defines itself as Christian, Catholic, Jesuit, urban, and independent. The Department of Theology functions within the university to investigate and understand the Catholic tradition, its relation to other Christian communions, and to other religions of the world. Read more of our mission statement.