News From the Chair - May 2014

Dr Susan K Wood SCL

News From the Chair shares highlights of recent activities, awards, publications, and accomplishments of students, alumni, and faculty of the Department of Theology.

Susan K. Wood, SCL, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Theology
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Congratulations to May Graduates

Doctor of Philosophy, Religious Studies

Stephen Jenks, Ph.D. (Systematics)
Dissertation Title: "'Now these things happened as examples for us' (1 Corinthians 10:6): The Bible-Narrative Depiction of Human Sinfulness"
Dissertation Director: D. Lyle Dabney, Ph.D.

Rebecca Meier-Rao, Ph.D. (Systematics)
Dissertation Title: "Love for God and Earth: Ecospirituality in the Theologies of Sallie McFague and Leonardo Boff"
Dissertation Director: Bryan N. Massingale, S.T.D.

Paul Monson, Ph.D. (Historical)
Dissertation Title: "Stabilitas in Congregatione: The Benedictine Evangelization of America in the Life and Thought of Martin Marty, O.S.B."
Dissertation Director: Patrick Carey, Ph.D.

Elijah Mueller, Ph.D. (Historical)
Dissertation Title: "The Word is an Angel of the Mind: Angelic and Temple Imagery in the Theology of John Mansur, the Damascene"
Dissertation Director: Bishop Alexander Golitzin

Christopher Samuel, Ph.D. (Historical)
Dissertation Title: "'Heavenly Theologians': The Place of Angels in the Theology of Martin Luther"
Dissertation Director: Mickey L. Mattox, Ph.D.

Jacob Shatzer, Ph.D. (Ethics)
Dissertation Title: "'A Spreading and Abiding Hope': A.J. Conyers and Evangelical Theopolitical Imagination"
Dissertation Director: D. Stephen Long, Ph.D.

Sarah Timmer, Ph.D. (Systematics)
Dissertation Title: "Receptive Ecumenism and Justification: Roman Catholic and Reformed Doctrine in Contemporary Context"
Dissertation Director: Susan K. Wood, SCL, Ph.D.

Eric Vanden Eykel, Ph.D. (Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity)
Dissertation Title: "'But Their Faces Were All Looking Up': Author and Reader in the Protevangelium of James"
Dissertation Director: Julian V. Hills, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Weedman, Ph.D. (Historical)
Dissertation Title: "Mary's Fertility as the Model of the Ascetical Life in Ephrem the Syrian's Hymns of the Nativity"
Dissertation Director: Bishop Alexander Golitzin

Master of Arts

Rachel Bruns, M.A. (Systematics/Ethics)
Essay Title: "Engaging Gender in Catholic Social Thought: An Emerging Conversation"
Essay Readers: Bryan N. Massingale, S.T.D. and Deirdre Dempsey, Ph.D.

Gary Klump, M.A. (Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity)
Essay Title: "Pentateuchal Usage of the Toledot Formula as a Counter-Argument to Source Criticism in Genesis 2:4"
Essay Readers: Deirdre Dempsey, Ph.D. and Sharon Pace, Ph.D.

Andrew Niggemann, M.A. (Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity)
Essay Title: "Matriarch of Israel or Misnomer? Israelite Self-Identification in Ancient Israelite Law Code and the Implications for Ruth"
Essay Readers: Sharon Pace, Ph.D. and Deirdre Dempsey, Ph.D.

Master of Arts in Christian Doctrine

Eric Szatkowski, M.A.C.D.
Essay Title: "The Theology of Suffering: Pope John Paul the Great's Legacy of Love"
Essay Readers: Danielle Nussberger, Ph.D. and Patrick W. Carey, Ph.D.

Theology Majors
Theology Minors
Lyndsey Bohrer
Trevor Gundlach
John Harkey
Thomas Tulp, Jr.
Matthew Waldoch
Taylor Baar
Michael Conway
Robert Machado
Calvin Nixon, II
Daniel Otterson
Allison Paine
Kelsey Simkins
Michael Szatkowski
Matthew Yerkes
Teresa Hiu Yeung

Dr. Robert Masson Elected Department Chair

Dr. Robert Masson

Dr. Robert Masson was elected Chair of the Theology Department at the May 1 faculty meeting. His term begins July 1, 2014.

Visit his faculty web page.



Dr. Susan Wood Honored for Years as Department Chair

Theology DeptPictured L-R: Joshua Burns, Marcus Plested, David Schultenover, S.J., Joseph Mueller, S.J., Jame Schaefer, Bryan Massingale, Danielle Nussberger, Michael Duffey, Robert Masson, Susan Wood, William Kurz, S.J., Joseph Ogbonnaya, Philip Rossi, S.J., Mickey Mattox, Robert Doran, S.J., Irfan Omar, Luke Togni, Jonathan Heaps, Eugene Schlesinger. Not seen in photo: Mark Johnson, Andrei Orlov.

Dr. Susan Wood was honored by department members who gathered to present her with a gift and express thanks for her hard work and dedication as the chair of the Theology Department for the past six years.

Faculty Promoted to Emeritus

Dr. Patrick Carey and Dr. Michael Duffey are among 16 faculty members recently promoted to emerita/emeritus status. Dr. Carey has been promoted to professor emeritus, and Dr. Duffey to associate professor emeritus. The rank of emeritus may be conferred upon a retiring tenured faculty member or a retiring academic staff member in recognition of the sustained high-quality performance shown throughout his/her career.

Marquette Contributes at West Coast Methods Institute

Marquette was well represented at the 29th annual West Coast Methods Institute, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. The event took place April 10-12, 2014. Featured speakers at this Lonergan based event included:

Joe Gordon, "Scripture in History"
Andrew Vink, "God Made Us, But Who Are We? Lonergan, Origen, and Genesis 1"
Jonathan Heaps, "Walter White: The Sinner and the Social Surd"
Ryan Hemmer, "Beauty and Social Order"
Jeremy Blackwood and Anne Carpenter, "The Beauty of Authenticity: Balthasar and Lonergan Standing at the Cross"
Robert M. Doran, Response to Panel Discussion of The Trinity in History
Greg Lauzon (Marquette Lonergan Project), “A Talking Rosetta Stone”

Fr. Robert Doran said of the event “We were better represented than any other school. The coordinator of the conference, Mark Morelli, said publicly, ‘Something's happening at Marquette.’"

Faculty Publications

Rev. William Kurz, S.J., Acts of the Apostles: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2013 [appeared 2014]).

Dr. Ulrich Lehner coedited Enlightenment and Catholicism - A Transnational History, University of Notre Dame Press. This 500-page collection of essays introduces the reader to the varieties of Catholic Enlightenment from Portugal to Poland. This book includes Dr. Lehner’s articles ‘Benedict Stattler, S.J.-the Reinvention of Catholic Theology with the help of Wolffian Metaphysics’ and ‘Beda Mayr-Ecumenism and Dialogue with Modern Thought’ as well as his translation of Francisco Sanchez-Blanco’s piece on ‘Benito Feijoo-The Skeptical Enlightenment’. Dr. Lehner also published an article in the festschrift “Fiat Voluntas Tua” (Munster: Aschendorff, 2014) honoring the German theologian and historian Harm Klueting on the occasion of his 65th birthday. It analyzes why and how critics of the Enlightenment dealt with Enlighteners ("Die Verketzerungssucht der Obskurantisten. Die Feinde der katholischen Aufklaerung aus der Sicht ihrer Opfer", 415-430). He also published an article "Apocalypse 2014. Post-­‐Tridentine Catholic Exegesis of Revelation. The Futurist Commentary of Alphonsus Frey (1762)" in the Journal of Baroque Studies 2 (2014), 25-53.

Dr. Mickey Mattox published "Warrior Saints: Warfare and Violence in Martin Luther’s Readings of Some Old Testament Texts,"Seminary Ridge Review 16:2 (Spring 2014) 41-63.

Dr. Susan Wood, SCL, published “Eucharist and Society,” Modern Theology 30/2 (April 2014) 357-365.

Faculty Activities

Dr. Ulrich Lehner was inducted into the European Academy of Arts and Sciences in Salzburg/Austria on March 7-8, 2014. While in Germany he attended a workshop on Franciscan History in Paderborn, March 9, 2014. Dr. Lehner was awarded a Humboldt-Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, valued at $60,000. This prestigious grant will fund Dr. Lehner's research for three years in Germany for his book project about the conflict between German bishops and Catholic Enlighteners. Dr. Lehner was asked for the third time to act as an external reviewer for fellowship applications of the distinguished Princeton Institute of Advanced Study.

Dr. Mickey Mattox was appointed Deputy Editor, Reformation & Renaissance Review, Maney Publishing. Published in the United Kingdom, this journal provides an international platform for scholars to publish research on any aspect of religious thought and life, theology and culture, from the 15th to the 17th centuries. He presented "Eve in the Exegesis of Iohannes Oecolampadius," Society for Reformation Studies, Westminster College, Cambridge University, April 10, 2014.

Dr. Irfan Omar was invited by the UW-Madison Center for South Asia to serve as affiliate faculty. Affiliated status with the Center would be on a three year term basis, renewable by mutual agreement. The Center for South Asia at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is made up of a community of faculty and staff who reflect the diversity and global relevance of South Asian Studies. Internationally known, it is one of the most prominent academic centers to focus on all aspects of the study of South Asia including religious traditions and cultures, languages and literature, politics and society. Dr. Omar presented “Hermeneutics of Inter-religious Engagement: Dara Shikuh’s ‘Islamic’ View of the Other” at the Center for South Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, April 3, 2014.

Graduate Student Awards

Joseph Gordon is one of 15 graduate students chosen to participate in "St. Thomas Aquinas and Free-Choice," one of three Summer Seminars in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition organized and facilitated by the Lumen Christi Institute. The seminar will take place June 23rd-27th at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome and will be led by Fr. Stephen L. Brock, Professor of Medieval Philosophy. 

Erik Szatkowski has been accepted into the CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) internship program at St. Camillus in Milwaukee starting in fall 2014. He will be awarded one unit (400 hours) of CPE at the completion of the program in February. 

Graduate Student Publications

Christopher Lilley and Daniel Pedersen, “Reasons for the Newness of the World: Craig’s  Kalam Cosmological Argument, Interdisciplinary Theology, and Best Explanations,” Theology and Science 12.2 (2014) 164-74.

Eugene R. Schlesinger, “The Threefold Body in Eschatological Perspective: With and Beyond Henri de Lubac on the Church” Ecclesiology 10 no. 2 (2014) 186-204.

Graduate Student Presentations

Fr. Matthew S. C. Olver presented a paper entitled “The Downfall of Darkness: A Theological and Canonical Readings of 1 John 3:8” on March 31, 2014 at a conference entitled “Eschatology and Moral Order” [] hosted by the University of Chicago Divinity School, who co-sponsored the event with the University of Notre Dame and the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion. 

Eugene R. Schlesinger, presented “The Necessity of the Church in the Theology of Friedrich Schleiermacher," and together with Kirsten Guidero presented “Is Christ Divided? The Eucharistic Implications of Schism” at the Upper Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature, St. Paul, Minnesota, April 4-5, 2014. 

Graduate Students Move On

Erin Kidd has accepted a term position at St. John’s University, Queens, NY.

Paul Monson will be visiting professor at Loyola-Marymount in Los Angeles, CA.

Jason Roberts has accepted an offer from the Department of Religion at the University of Georgia for a an appointment as Lecturer of Christian Theology beginning this August. 

Brian Sigmon has accepted a position as Editor of Adult Teaching and Learning Resources at United Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, TN.

Alumni Publications

Paul Heidebrecht, Beyond the Cutting Edge?: Yoder, Technology, and the Practices of the Church (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2014).


May Graduations

Dr. Masson Elected Department Chair

Dr. Susan Wood Honored

Faculty Promoted to Emeritus

MU at West Coast Methods Institute

Faculty Publications

Faculty Activities

Graduate Student Awards

Graduate Publications

Graduate Presentations

Graduate Students Move On

Alumni Publications


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