Dr. Markus Wriedt

Markus Wriedt, Dr.Theol., Dr.Habil.
Visiting Professor of Theology

Markus Wriedt (D.D., University of Hamburg, 1990), [Historical Theology], after his studies in Hamburg, Southampton, and Munich, specializes in the study of reformation history/theology with special attention to its late medieval relations. As a research fellow he joined in 1985 the Department for Religious Studies at the Institute of European History in Mainz. In 1994, he became honorary lecturer for Church History/Historical Theology at the University of Heidelberg (Faculty of Theology) and in 2000 at Frankfurt/Main. In 2005 he graduated with a collection of essays and books as Dr. habil. (Habilitation) in Frankfurt and became appointed professor in 2006. Since 2007 he is joint appointed as part time professor of Historical Theology/Church History at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main and at Marquette University.

Besides this he was invited for guest lectures and professorships in many places all over the western world including St. Olaf's College Northfield, MN, UCSB Santa Barbara, CA, Lehigh University Bethlehem PA, Concordia Seminary St. Louis, MO, University of Toronto, Canada, and Universities in Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, Zürich, Switzerland, Strasbourg, France.

He is the author of over a hundredandfifty articles in professional journals (e.g., Lutherjahrbuch, Luther, Saeculum, Concordia Journal, Evangelische Theologie), Lexica (TRE, RGG, Encyclopedia of Protestantism), collections and some books, among which are: Gnade und Erwählung: Eine Untersuchung zu Johann von Staupitz und Martin Luther (Veröffentlichungen des Instituts fuer Europäische Geschichte, Mainz 141), (Mainz 1991). He is the managing editor of the Archive of Reformation History – Literary Review and of Auctoritas Patrum: Studies in the Reception of Church Fathers in the Theology of 15th and 16th Centuries, (Mainz 1993, 1997), [forthcoming] and with Herman J. Selderhuis two volumes of “Evangelische Theologenausbildung im Zeitalter der Konfessionalisierung, vol 1: Bildung und Reformation Tübingen 2006, vol 2: Elitenbildung und Migration Leiden 2007. He is member of the committees of the Verein für Reformationsgeschichte. He is currently doing research for a history of reformation educational reform and its theological roots.

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