Trinity Fellow Class of 2013

Graduate Program: Communication


Undergraduate Degree, Institution: B.A. Justice and Peace Studies, Spanish, Marquette University


Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Urban Ecology Center, Development and Marketing Associate


Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

During my experience as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer in Missoula, MT with the University of Montana (UM) Farm to College Program, I was responsible for coordinating the local and sustainable food purchases for the University Dining Services.  As one of five FoodCorps volunteers around the state of Montana, we worked individually to procure locally produced food at our respective schools and universities while engaging each other’s support to build a community-based food system statewide.  As the UM Farm to College Coordinator, my work involved building relationships with local farmers, developing educational materials on the benefits of a local food system for staff and students, planning events and cooking classes, and developing a sustainable food-purchasing guide. 



Trinity Fellowship Experience

Because of the way the Trinity Fellows Program holds social and economic justice at its core, I was keenly interested in how the program most directly supports and nurtures the work of future urban, non-profit leaders. 


The Trinity Fellows Program was the ideal forum and springboard to continue my passion for sustainable food systems and environmental issues while simultaneously being able to pursue a graduate degree in Communications, specializing in communication in health, environment, science and sustainability (CHESS).  Through both my organizational placement and my academic program, I continued to explore the importance of effective communication for social change.  The Trinity Fellows Program gave me the opportunity to bolster an academically rigorous graduate degree with elective credits about non-profit management, urban issues, social justice and social activism.


My placement at the Urban Ecology Center provided substantive work, incredible professional experience and a supportive community.  I worked as the Development and Marketing Associate, focusing on marketing communications.  


Plans after graduation:

I accepted a full-time position at the Urban Ecology Center where I am working as the Corporate Relations Manager and am thrilled to continue working at an organization that has provided me a wealth of knowledge, training, skills, and support.  I am ever grateful to my mentors (academic, professional and personal) who have made my Trinity Fellows experience so valuable.

Current Position: Corporate Relations Manager, Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI


For more information about the program:

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