Andrew Boddyspargo

Trinity Fellow Class of 2017

Graduate Program: MBA

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: International Relations, Carleton College

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Journey House, Opportunities Research Analyst

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Peace Corps, 2010-2012, Nicaragua

Service Experience:

I was motivated to serve in the Peace Corps because it would allow me to grow and learn in new ways, gain distance from my environment to exmaine my assumptions, determine what I wanted to do next with my life, and provide opportunities to give back to a community. I was gratified to feel that all three of those hopes were met and exceeded, though I was always skeptical about my ability to give back to a community. My experience was one of profound humility, constant challenge and learning, and deep reward in the form of skills and relationships built. I learned to understand the complexity of poverty and underdeveloped economies, I learned how to create meaning and work in an unsupervised context, and I made lasting connections with the people I worked with.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

I was attracted to the Trinity Fellows Program for its full-tuition-plus-stipend and the inclusion of the MBA program as an option, but that's not what I see now as the primary benefit or value. Now I believe that the real value of the program lies in its ability to attract amazing people to an amazing city and plug us into rewarding nonprofits where we can learn and try to make a difference. The friendships and professional connections I made in the Trinity program have changed the course of my life for the better. This program was the perfect fit for me, and I appreciated every part of it.

The Fellowship experience helped me reflect on and grow in my leadership, my knowledge of business and organizations, my skills in project management, my communication abilites, and my connections to Milwaukee and the organizations working for equity here. The learning in classes mixed well with my ability to try things in my placement. Conversations with other Fellows about what they were doing and trying in their organizations and classes, further enriched the experience.

I have loved living, studying, and working in Milwaukee. It is vibrant, complex, fun, affordable, and approachable. Some highlights of the Fellowship have included the time I've spent with my fellow Fellows, both in class and out of class, the projects I've gotten involved with at my placement, the volunteer work I did for Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Milwaukee, and the culmination of my hard work in academics with the T.R. Martin award from the MBA program.

To me, being a part of the Trinity Fellows community means being committed to equity, access, opportunity, and justice for all people, especially the marginalized. It means always looking for ways to improve myself, learn, and grow. It means reaching out and connecting with others to better understand their lives and situations, but also how to build more vibrant communities together. I hope to help the various communities I belong to in all of these ways, including the Trinity Fellows and Trinity Alumni communities.

Plans After Graduation:

I will be at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, continuing to learn and grow, and working to contribute to the learning and high standards of students, staff, and the organization as a whole. I will apply my experiences both in class and in my placement to shape organizational culture in a way that supports the values and mission of the school, and I will use the connections I developed over the last two years to enrich the value that I can provide to students and staff alike.

Current Position:

Dean of Performance Measurement & Innovation, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Milwaukee

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