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Graduate School Plans: Proposed Graduate Degree Program at Marquette University:

Academic Information: List all current and previous colleges and universities attended, including professional schools and Marquette University.

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Steps 6 through 9

6. Official Transcript: ONE sealed, official transcript, sent to Marquette University Graduate School or Graduate School of Management, will suffice for both your Trinity and MU Graduate School applications.


7. Graduate Admission Test: Submit official score report to Marquette University. In addition, send a copy of your personal score report to the Trinity Fellows Program office. See Instructions for more information.


8. Full–time Service Experience:
Completion of the Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Lutheran Volunteer Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America, or other comparable full-time service commitment is required.  In the space below, briefly summarize your full-time service experience. You’ll have the opportunity to provide additional details on your service experience in #9 of this application (resume). Peace Corps Volunteers:  in addition to summarizing your service experience below, please include DOS with your application packet if available. 

9. Resume (1-2 pages): Submit a resume that includes the information below. Enclose with your self-completed application packet or email to

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Honors and awards
  • ExperienceDetail your full–time service experience and relevant work experience. Include:
    • Dates
    • Organization, Title
    • Type of work
    • Skills developed
  • Other relevant service experience, activities
  • Additional Skills and Interests
Essay Instructions

Essay Instructions

We suggest that you first construct your responses to questions 10-12 in a word processing document, and then copy and paste your completed text into the space provided after each question.

10. Essay Question 1: Statement of Purpose for Proposed Area of Graduate Study

11. Essay Question 2: Trinity Fellows Program Essay

12. Question 3: Nonprofit Assignment

13. Letters of Recommendation

• Service/Professional: submit two letters of recommendation related to your service experience. You may substitute one work-related letter here.
• Academic: submit two letters of recommendation related to your academic experience. 

14. Checklist

Submit Trinity Fellows Program Checklist via post or email. 

15. Permission to Share Information


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