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In fall 2009, the Women's and Gender Studies program was relaunched with a new curriculum. But the study of women and gender has a long history at Marquette, dating from the early 1980s when the grass-roots women's faculty group ALPHA lobbied for and won Marquette's first program in Women's Studies -- the point of origin for the rich and varied network of research and teaching about women, gender, and sexuality at Marquette today. See WGST students discuss the major:

Currently, the WGST major can be either a primary or a secondary major. 30 credit hours are required:

Exploratory Courses enable students to recognize and explore issues having to do with
gender as they arise within particular disciplines.

Examples include:

Integrative Courses combine theory with practice or link distinct subjects together.

Examples include:

WGST Minor:

18 credit hours are required, including WGST 1001 as well as at least one exploratory
course and at least one integrative course, with courses distributed among at least three disciplines.


Women's and Gender Studies Mission Statement

Marquette University's Women's and Gender Studies Program offers a primary or secondary major and minor that promote a critical, feminist, and cross-cultural understanding of gender and power in a global context and across disciplinary boundaries. Read more.