Undergraduate Courses with Substantive Content on Sexuality and/or Gender Identity:
Spring 2012
Fall 2011

Spring 2011

Resources for Student Research on LGBT Issues

Raynor Library Databases

2012 WGST Student Research Fellowships

Boston College: Resources for LBGT Students and Alumni

University of Maryland: Resources for LGBT Studies

LBGT Studies at Marquette

Co-Curricular Resources

Gender Sexuality Alliance of Marquette (GSA) Facebook page

Marquette Law School Out & Allies

Marquette LBGT and Allied Faculty Group

Annual Starshak Lecture on LGBT topics and research


Equality lies not in thinking similarly about different things, but in thinking differently about different things.


Women's and Gender Studies Mission Statement

Marquette University's Gender and Sexualities Studies Program offers a primary or secondary major and minor that promote a critical, feminist, and cross-cultural understanding of gender and power in a global context and across disciplinary boundaries. Read more.