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WGST 2012-2013 Programs

November 15, 2012:  Research Fellowships Presentations by 2012 fellows:

Dr. Sarah Gedron and Kelly Henkel, “Gendercide Culture:  The Role of Popular Culture in the Treatment of Women during and after Genocide”

Dr. Christine Krueger and Mallory Daily, “Making History:  A Life of Mary Everett Green”

Julia Novotny, advised by Dr. Beth Godbee, “Asserting the Right to Belong:  Mentoring among Graduate Student Women”

Natalie Peters, advised by Dr. Debra Oswald, “It’s Just a Joke:  Reactions to and Justifications of Gender Stereotypes”

Gender Benders Film Series

Paris is Burning, February 20, with Dr. Ed de St. Aubin

Tootsie, March 20, with Dr. Carla Hay

Boys Don’t Cry, April 15, with Dr. Dawn Moone

February 26, 2013:  D’Weston Haywood, “A Challenge to our Manhood”:  Robert Williams, Black Masculinity and the Democratic Potential of Self-Defense in the Black Freedom Struggle

March 4:  Gender:  Global Perspectives with panelists Dr. Michael Donoghue, Dr. Chima Korieh, and Dr. Lisa Wedeen

April 25:  Dr. Jeanne Theoharis, “The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks”

Recipients of the 2013 WGST faculty/undergraduate collaborative research fellowships are:

Dr. Debra Oswald and Josie Kunze , “How do Students think about Gender Differences and Similarities?”

Dr. Jennica Webster and Kelsey Rajchel, “Gender, Organizational Politics, and Well-Being”

Recipients of the 2013 WGST undergraduate summer research fellowships are:

Rachel Macmaster, advised by Dr. Paul Nolette ,“The Changing Definition of Marriage by U. S. Federal Courts”

Ciara McHugh, advised by Dr. Theresa Tobin, “Mna agus Siochain:  Women and Peace in Northern Ireland”




The Women’s and Gender Studies Program announces four fellowships to be awarded to faculty and undergraduate students for research beginning in the summer of 2013.

Collaborative Research Fellowship2 for summer and fall 2013 -- The Provost’s Office has made available to the WGST program support for two faculty/undergraduate student research fellowships, for research related to gender and/or sexuality.  Two faculty/student pairs will receive $4000 each, $2500 to the faculty member and $1500 to the student, for research to be performed in the summer and fall semesters 2013.  The fellowships are intended to support authentic collaboration that will advance the scholarship of both faculty member and student.  Each pair will be expected to present their research to the Marquette community at a formal event in November, 2013.

Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship – 2 for summer 2013 --The
WGST program also will award two undergraduate summer research fellowships of $750 each for research related to gender and/or sexuality to be performed by an undergraduate student under the supervision of a faculty member during summer 2013.  Both students will be expected to present their research to the Marquette community at a formal event in November, 2013. 

Student applicants need not be WGST majors or minors, and students in all majors and colleges and faculty in all colleges are encouraged to apply.  To be eligible, students must be Marquette undergraduates in good academic standing who will be enrolled at Marquette in the fall of 2013.

Applications are due electronically by March 15, 2013, to Dr. Carla Hay, Director, Women’s and Gender Studies (email to  Please direct any questions to Carla Hay as well.


Women's and Gender Studies Mission Statement

Marquette University's Women's and Gender Studies Program offers a primary or secondary major and minor that promote a critical, feminist, and cross-cultural understanding of gender and power in a global context and across disciplinary boundaries. Read more.