Corrine c.'s goals


1. I would like to foster a communicative and productive tutoring relationship with at least one tutee that visits the writing center at least once or twice a month by the first week of November 2017. I plan on going about this by opening channels of communication by providing the student with my email, the opportunity for Skype appointments, an Ott business card, or other such tangible means.  I also aspire to make the student feel as though they can follow up with me by being open and enthusiastic about their presence in the writing center.

2. I hope to help at least 3 students with their understandings of various disciplinary threshold concepts by the last week of the first semester-in other words, inspire so-called “a-ha” moments distinctive to the pursuits of each student. I aim to do so by using analogies and relevant examples in writing or media as a means of communicating my personal understanding of threshold concepts. I plan on doing this in the hopes of encouraging the writers to do the same and hopefully discover the meaning of a disciplinary threshold concept for themselves.

3. I aim to have at least five meaningful interactions with writing center staff over the course of the academic year in order to get to know some of my peer tutors on a level beyond benign and repetitive small talk. I believe that it is paramount to appreciate the unique strengths and goals of other tutors doing the same work as me in order to gain a more holistic understanding of the overall pursuits of the writing center by visualizing how the center utilizes the skills of its employees. As an anthropology major, I believe it is paramount to appreciate the talents, backgrounds, and strengths of my coworkers in order to improve upon my own work by using strategies and cultivating skills that I otherwise would not possess.



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