our staff

NameRebecca Nowacek
Director, Ott Memorial Writing Center & Associate Professor of English
240 Raynor

I particularly enjoy working on projects in the STEM disciplines as well as personal statements.


NameKim B.
Undergrad Tutor and Reception Staff, Senior
Biomedical Sciences major

I have a particular interest in health and social justice issues. I have experience working with research both in STEM sciences and the humanities. I also really enjoy working with personal statements.


Lisa B.Lisa B.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing-Intensive English major, Political Science minor
I love working on literary analysis. I also have experience with professional correspondence via e-mail and letters.

I am competent in Spanish at the 3001 level.

Olivia C.Olivia C.

Undergrad tutor, Senior

Writing Intensive English and Secondary Education majors

I am looking forward to working with writers on all different types of projects at any stage. I have some experience working with multimedia projects.

Alexa D.Alexa D.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Psychology major, Spanish minor

I look forward to coming into work at the Ott Writing Center because I enjoy working with people on any type of writing and learning new things about what people may be writing about. I think it’s great that the writing center is not a place where a writer comes in and I sit there talking the whole time but rather it’s about working with a writer in a collaborative environment. As a psychology major, I think it’s always fun to work with writers on research papers and I also like literature papers.  I recently co-curated an art exhibition with peers from my Spanish class and have found a new interest in analyzing art and creative writing.

Andrea E.Andrea E.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing-Intensive English major, Asian Studies minor

I used to attend Columbia College Chicago before transferring to Marquette, so I have experience, skills, and passion working in a creative, artistic environment. I want to put my minor in Asian Studies and Language to use, so my goal is to teach English as a second language in China in the future. I love to indulge myself in a good book, because I'm a firm believer in books being food for thought.

Competent in intermediate Mandarin Chinese (3000 level), beginner's spanish.


Meghan F.Meghan F.
Undergrad Tutor, Junior
Psychology and Writing Intensive English majors

I am comfortable working in most fields of study, and I particularly like helping brain storm and outline. I am proficient in both MLa and APA style. I also have experience in creating, editing, and critiquing most multimedia projects, presentations, and speeches.

Colleen G.Colleen G.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Sociology major, Spanish minor

I particularly enjoy helping writers in history and the social sciences. I am also one of the course-embedded tutors for PSYC 3410: Childhood Psychopathology for the Fall 2015 semester.

I am competent in Spanish at the 3002 level.


Megan H.Megan H.
Undergrad Tutor, Junior
Journalism and Writing Intensive English majors

I have experience working with Communication projects and papers. Since I'm a journalism major I can definitely help with any journalism project or assignment. I enjoy working with Freshman English papers or any kind of English paper.

I'm familiar with French up to 2001 level.

Kate H.Kate H.
Undergrad Tutor, Junior
Writing-Intensive English major, minors in Spanish for the Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences

Hi! As a writing-intensive English major, I enjoy working with all writing, though my strength is in the STEM disciplines. Multimedia projects, theology, poetic and artistic analysis, history, and international affairs are other topics of interest for me.

I am competent in Spanish at the 3002 level.

David H.David H.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing-intensive English major

I like working on creative writing, literary analysis, and history papers, and I'm glad to work with any writer at any stage of the writing process.

I'm competent in Spanish at the 2002 level and I have full professional fluency in Chinese, Cantonese, and Malay.

Xiaoyi H.Xiaoyi H.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Biological Sciences major
I am an international student and have many experiences related to studying in a different academic environment. I have taken many lab courses, so I can help with lab reports as well as showing how to use the basic tools in Excel necessary for writing reports. I also have experience with posters, presentations, and designing ads, so I am able to help with multimodal projects too.
I am fluent in English and Chinese.

Carolyne H.Carolyne H.

BA in Economics, MA in Literature, PhD Candidate in English Literature

I have worked in technical communications and instructional design for many years, so I am well-versed in business writing, technical writing, and online communication, as well as academic argument and literature. I enjoy crossing disciplines and am interested in all fields of inquiry.

Breanna K.Breanna K.
Undergrad tutor, sophomore

I have a strong passion for English, but enjoy working with all types of projects.

Competent in Spanish at the 3001/3002 level.


Rachel L.Rachel L.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing Intensive English major

I have experience with multimedia projects, especially those involving photoshop. I'm interested in philosophy, linguistics, and literature. I've worked with a large number of grad students, English students, and Economics students.

Proficient in Spanish, competent in German at the 3001 level.

Brynn L.Brynn L.
Undergrad Tutor, Junior
Advertising Major, Graphic Design Minor

As a communiations student, I have a thorough understanding of media writing such as press releases, advertising copy, scriptwriting, and more. However, I love working with writers of all academic disciplines, especially with research papers and literary analyses.

I am competent in Spanish at the 3001 level.


Andy HoffmanAndy Hoffmann
Assistant Director, Ott Memorial Writing Center Graduate Tutor, Ph.D. student, English
240 Raynor

I particularly enjoy working with writers on literature, history, engineering, bio-sciences, and philosophy. I have worked closely with Nursing students studying for comps, and on their dissertation work. I am happy to work on PowerPoints or other forms of presentations as well.

Monique L.Monique L.
Undergraduate Tutor, senior
Marketing major
I love working with first-year writers as well as anyone willing to become an improved and stronger writer. I also have a passion for history and literature papers.

Jenna L.Jenna L.
Undergrad Tutor, Sophomore
Secondary Education and English majors

I particularly enjoy working with writers on critical analysis essays and personal statements, as well as anything in English, Philosophy, Theology, Biology, and Chemistry. I also am passionate about working with STEM research papers and posters, as I have extensive experience with research conferences for the STEM disciplines. Despite these preferences, I love learning new insights about the writing process through conferencing with writers in any discipline.

I am proficient in MLA citation and have some knowledge about APA citation.
I am proficient in Spanish at the 2003 level.

Graduate Tutor
5th Year Ph.D. Student, English
I am interested in social protest and counter cultural literature and exploring sociological, philosophical, and rhetorical frameworks.  I enjoy working with writers on a variety of projects, and meeting at various stages of the writing process, especially beginning phases.

Emily M.Emily M.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
English Literature major
I have a lot of experience with lab reports and medical school personal statements.

Kieran M.Kieran M.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing Intensive English major

I particularly enjoy working on narratives, literary analysis, and history papers.

Foreign language: Comfortable speaking Spanish up to the 2002 level, but not writing it.

Aubry M.Aubrey M.
Undergrad Tutor, Junior
Secondary Education and Writing Intensive Enligsh majors, Women and Gender studies and tentative History minors

I enjoy working on narratives, personal statements, and any kind of literary analysis. I also have experience writing history papers and research papers in the social sciences and humanities, and I have a basic understanding of journalistic writing. I will glady work with any worker at any stage of the process, but I particularly love teaming up with enthusiastic first year students!

Competent in basic Spanish


MollyMolly N.
Undergrad Tutor, Junior
Advertising major

I have experience working with multimedia projects (Prezi, PowerPoint, Videos, etc.) I have an interest with communication studies and history.

Competent in French at the 2002 level.

Tori P.Tori P.

Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing Intensive English major and French minor

Entering Marquette with an interest in dentistry, I took two semesters of Biology and Chemistry as well as a varied assortment of electives including introduction classes to Sociology and Criminology. While I mostly enjoy writing literature papers, I also have experience with writing in Philosophy, Theology, History, and French.

Competent in French at the 3002 level.

Alex R.Alex R.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing-Intensive English and Classical Studies Major
I have experience doing undergraduate research and making research posters.

I am competent in Ancient Greek at all levels.

Anna S.Anna S.
Graduate Tutor, Ph.D. Student, English

I have experience working on most types of projects from multimodal presentations to cover letters and personal statements. I particularly enjoy working on medical projects as I've studied medical rhetoric and terminology and my area of interest for my Ph.D. is women's diseases in literature.

Lauren S.Lauren S.
Reception staff, Junior

Secondary Education and English Language Arts Majors

Mekailah S.Mekailah S.

Reception staff, Junior

International affairs major




Amanda S.Amanda S.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Secondary Education and English Language Arts majors, Communication Studies and Family studies minors

I am eager to work with students in any and all disciplines. I am very excited to learn about things I have not had the oppurtunity to explore in my studies. I have an interest in the humanities and sciences.

Ruby R.Ruby T.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Writing Intensive English major
Coming into Marquette undeclared, I took a wide range of classes trying to discover what I wanted to do. I have experience in various types of writing including philosophy, theology, communications, and French. I would love to help you improve your writing or help you with any of your writing needs.

Vince V.Vince V.
Undergrad Tutor, Senior
Accounting Major in Business Administration

I have worked with communications and professional presentations including using PowerPoint and Prezi.

Competent in Spanish at the 3001 level.