Anna Scanlon


Graduate Tutor, Ott Memorial Writing Center


Working With Other Tutors

First, let me say that I LOVE the times we get to mentor the incoming tutors as part of their coursework. I love talking to the new tutors to hear what they've learned and how they can apply that in real-time settings. I hope that they're learning from me when they observe, but I feel like my appointments are always so varied that they have to be getting a lot of exposure to different things. I've actually had some of them sit in on my own appointments and I've tutored some of them on their own work, too; these have been awesome experiences.

When I first started at the Ott, I appreciated the way experienced staff made us belong and really helped us with various forms of advice on everything from how to answer the phone to where to find good resources for appointments that seem stalled. As I've become the experienced tutor, I wanted to give that back to my peers: I vowed to be a point person for new tutors. I was comfortable in this role and I believe I've fulfilled it really well, building lasting relationships here as well that have really made the writing center a great place to be both intellectually and socially. I feel cool when the other tutors call me in to a session because they know about my interests in medicine, or my skills with personal statements; it's flattering but it's also reflective of our environment as a whole and that's something to be proud of.

Finally, I enjoy our VPOD work. While it's sometimes very painful to watch yourself on video tape (do I really sound like that?) it's also delightful to see examples of things you can use in your own tutoring sessions based on what your colleagues are doing. There are methods I've implemented into my own work -- especially now along the lines of scaffolding -- based on what I've seen other tutors do successfully. There are also methods I've dialed down my usage of based on what I've seen myself doing. All in all, these chances to reflect and observe not only our own tutoring, but that of our peers, has been incredibly beneficial to making us all stronger tutors here at the Ott.



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