Brewed Ideas Archive

2017 Finalists

A look back at our finalists from last year's competition and the ideas they presented. 

Composite Climbing - Audience choice winner

Carbon fiber climbing equipment.


Personal care and basic food item delivery targeting
Marquette University undergraduate students.


An app that makes booking live musicians, public speakers, dancers,
comedians and service providers as easy as booking an Airbnb.

Bimbley - 1st place winner

Bimbley's mission is to help families in the community by creating and
providing free innovative solutions to finding senior housing.

Aquadrop - 2nd place winner

The AquaDrop is a sweetened, penny-sized gummy with an artificial saliva filling.
When chewed, the AquaDrop lubricates the mouth and teeth with a
protective saliva coating while delivering a sweet taste to the consumer.

MIDIS -  Brady Innovation award winner

Miniaturized implantable devices intelligence tool.

Zana Period Underwear - 3rd place winner

An affordable brand of period underwear. It is like a pair of regular underwear,
but it can hold up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual blood.


Gifts goats to women and children affected by HIV/AIDs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Each family is able to raise the goats and use their milk for both food and income purposes.


An online store that sells and distributes trendy merchandise.


Milwaukee job initiative for low-income residents.


Lic will allow users to share and vote on photos.


2017 Judges

Mary Avery

Principal at Avery Consulting Group, LLC

Aaron Pearce

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, Brady Corporation

Bentley Curran

Chief Information Officer & VP of Digital Business, Brady Corporation