Michael Van Kleunen

Michael Van Kleunen, founder ProductsU
Law student

"My experience with the Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship has been nothing short of outstanding. I am hard-pressed to believe that any other university in the United States has such a strong collaborative environment to explore one's inner-entrepreneurial spirit. The Kohler Center staff is the reason why I hold the Kohler Center in such high regard. Not only are they available to help you develop your ideas, but they also support you through difficult business decisions and help point you in the right direction with the plethora of resources they have at their disposal. I am extremely grateful that Marquette University has an organization like the Kohler Center, but even more appreciative of the great people that staff this unique entity."

Amedee Brennan O'Gorman

Amedee Brennan O'Gorman, founder Bimbley
Opus College of Engineering

“The Kohler Center is such a blessing to Marquette's campus. It is profoundly forward-thinking and cultivates resources, inspiration and ingenuity among students, staff and community members. I can't thank the Kohler Center staff enough for the opportunities it created and continues to create. There's no doubt that the Kohler Center is being the difference.”

Kristin Sale

Kristin Sale, founder 1783 Clothing Co.
College of Business 

“The Kohler Center has changed the way I look at entrepreneurship and innovation. They gave me the courage to start. Their guidance and resources have been an invaluable part of my experience in creating a business. The Kohler Center is my favorite place on campus and holds some of the most creative, inspiring individuals at Marquette in it.”