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South Africa

Mhani Gingi is a non-profit organization that strives to provide innovative business solutions which are sustainable and profitable, and contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa.

The Mhani Gingi network was established in 2006 by founding director Lillian Masebenza. There are three main branches of this organization: Network Initiatives, Social Responsibility, and The Flagship. Mhani Gingi has over 250 children enrolled in early learning centers, 25 women working in community gardens, and over 500 network members who have successfully started their own business. Mhani Gingi does this by providing business training, skills development, and mentorship.

The skills we are interested in is around

  1. The knowledge of website updating and "maintenance" thereof as well as updating databases of our stakeholders;
  2. Desk Research skills linked to compiling a NPO/NGO funder profiles while at the same time finding out the latest Calls for Funding Proposals
  3. Social Justice. We are hoping to start a project that will deal with the marginalized abused women and their violated human right
  4. Compiling Study Guides for our Flagship Project - How to establish and maintain community gardens so as to eat nutritious food and generate income out of the produce





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