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Study Abroad Student Blogs

Marquette students abroad love to share their experiences, and the most interesting stories often are told while students are overseas. Check out the student blogs below to get a sense of life on a study abroad program.

South Africa Service Learning Program

Austin Dunn's South Africa blog — spring 2010
"I had an oversized suitcase in each hand and a book bag over my shoulder as I walked out the front door of Cape Town International airport."

Cate Blankenship's South Africa blog — fall 2009
"This was the story we came to hear. The one about struggle and separation and liberty and reconciliation."

Brian Harper's South Africa blog — fall 2009
"There are many people we have had the good fortune of meeting that have different but equally inspiring stories."

Marquette en Madrid

Owen O'Riordan's Madrid blog — spring 2010
"I did get some quick pictures of the Metro, which is one of my favorite parts of Madrid so far.  Don't get me wrong, I love the history, the food, and the people but I do appreciate a well run, efficient and clean mass transit system."

Marquette en Madrid Student blog — spring 2009
"Most madrileños live in apartments, where space is valuable. Kitchens and kitchen appliances seem minuscule by American standards. And they also seem older. Those 70s style avocado or mustard-colored appliances that are so passé back home still lurk around Europe. Why? Because they still work."

General program blogs

Mayra Roman — Institut Catholique Paris — spring 2010
"On every first Sunday of the month, all museums in France are free. This is the time where I will be taking advantage to visit some Chateau's near Paris."

Anna Mohr — University of Kent — fall 2009
"So I realize the objective in starting this blog was to be able to share all of my super fun experiences and discoveries in England. well, my latest discovery is that I LOVE blogging."

Rosemary Lane — University of Kent — spring 2009



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