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Course approvals and academic scheduling is very important for a successful study abroad experience. The following information will guide you through the academic procedures required to receive credit for the courses you take on a study abroad program.

College-specific Course Approval Contacts

Visit the links below for the specific course approval contacts for your college.


MU Credit: South Africa Service Learning & Faculty-led programs

Work with your academic adviser to understand the MU course requirements you have yet to satisfy and to make a plan for progress toward graduation. You must then discuss your plans to study abroad with your college course approval contact.

If you are participating in a Marquette credit-bearing program, you will receive Marquette credit directly just as though you were studying here on campus. Students on these programs should not complete the Course Approval Form. Grades will appear on the Marquette transcript and will be calculated into a your overall Marquette GPA. In order to determine how these courses will apply to degree requirements, you must still work with your academic adviser.

You are not permitted to audit courses abroad and must receive a letter grade for each course.


Transfer Credit: All Other Programs

Work with your academic adviser to understand the MU course requirements you have yet to satisfy and to make a plan for progress toward graduation. You must then discuss your plans to study abroad with your college course approval contact.

To receive transfer credit, you must be accepted to study abroad by Marquette. All courses taken on study abroad programs must then be approved by the appropriate college course approval contact as listed in the links above. Approval is indicated by the appropriate college representative’s signature on the course approval form.

When seeking transfer credit for a course to be taken abroad, you must provide the course name and basic course description to the appropriate college office along with the course approval form. You are responsible for understanding how approved courses will/will not satisfy Marquette requirements.

Program-specific Course Equivalency Lists
To assist you in determining potential MU course equivalents, each study abroad program webpage has a "Courses Offered/Click here to view" link (see example image below). These links will take you to Program Course Equivalency pages that list courses offered on that program and the corresponding MU course equivalents. Courses found online must still be pre-approved by completing the above Course Approval Form. Also, these Program Course Equivalency lists are not comprehensive. These are living course lists and are being edited every semester, and not all courses taught abroad have been evaluated to determine the MU equivalent course. Students can still request pre-approval and take courses which are not yet listed online.

Picture of the course equivalency link for the Mahidol University International College program

Credits from study abroad programs will transfer, but grades will not be incorporated into your Marquette GPA. Completed courses will appear in the transfer credit section of the student transcript. Courses not approved through the appropriate channels will NOT transfer.

The course approval form must be submitted prior to departure. However, enrollment in selected courses is not guaranteed. If course offerings change upon arrival in country, you can obtain approval for additional courses by working via email with your college course approval contact.

Transfer credit is guaranteed based on the following:

Credit Hours
Credit hours and grading systems at institutions abroad vary greatly. Not all credit hours are a one-to-one match. For example ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) are a two-to-one match, so eight ECTS credit hours are equivalent to four Marquette credit hours. Likewise, the equivalent passing grade or better varies by country. Program specifics will be discussed during your pre-departure orientation or can be obtained by contacting your study abroad coordinator.

Study Abroad Transcripts
An official transcript of credit must be sent DIRECTLY to the Office of the Registrar by your study abroad program.

Office of the Registrar
Marquette University
Zilber Hall
1250 W. Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: 414-288-4000

U.S. Postal Service:
Office of the Registrar
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Phone: 414-288-4000



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