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Study Abroad Learning Outcomes

Marquette's Office of International Education strongly emphasizes the importance of global understanding in today's increasingly interconnected world.

A Marquette study abroad participant will grow and develop in the following four areas.

Increase ones Intercultural Competence: Effectively and appropriately interacting within a variety of cultural contexts through knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Develop ones Global Perspective: Developing and enhancing one’s global perspective cognitively, intrapersonally and interpersonally.

Personal Growth and Development: Gaining confidence in one’s perceived independence, goal accomplishment and sense of purpose.

Second-language Acquisition: Improving one’s written, oral, auditory and speaking-abilities in a second-language.




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Office of International Education

OIE works to promote the internationalization of Marquette University by recruiting and advising international students and scholars, developing vibrant partnerships with international institutions and providing innovative study abroad opportunities.
Office of International Education