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Keeping in Touch with Home

Communication home can present some challenges while studying abroad but participants will have a variety of ways to keep in contact with their family and friends while abroad. Participants will want to explore their options and discuss it with family and friends before departure. While abroad, participants are encouraged to maintain a balance between keeping in touch with home and interacting with their host culture.

U.S. Cellphones Abroad
Before departure, students are advised to consult their cell phone provider to discuss their options and the costs related to taking a U.S. cellphone overseas. There are often additional costs and fees related to using a U.S. cellphone abroad. Students should consider all their options before bringing their U.S. cellphone abroad.

Getting a Cellphone Abroad
A very affordable option is to rent or buy a pay-as-you-go or prepaid phone in your host country. This is a very common practice in many study abroad programs, especially semester or yearlong study abroad programs. This option can ease communication with other students and local contacts abroad.

Alternatives to Cell Phones
There are many alternatives to calling and texting over the internet that are often free and easy.



Study abroad can be a time of learning, growing, and fun, which will likely be filled with making new friends, attending social events, trying new food, and exploration of cultural and historical sites.

We experience so much during this time abroad, our first instinct is often to immediately “share” our experiences – be it via social media or elsewhere. While it’s important to document your time and capture these memories, it can also be extremely helpful to disconnect and be present during your study abroad program. This does not mean you should stop taking photos altogether or close your Twitter account, but remind yourself that by managing your “connectedness” you can become more aware of the amazing things happening all around you and more readily able to engage in this new culture.


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