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Christine Revell Children’s Home is a safe place for abused, neglected and orphaned children from birth to five years old. The home provides care for up to 49 children and strives to nurture and develop every child in their care and work towards their successful re-integration into a family and the community.

Individual attention alongside mental, physical, emotional and social stimulation is critical for children to grow and develop normally. And, this is where volunteers make a huge difference in the life of these children. The children are divided into three age groups: 0-2 (A), 2-3 (B), 3-5 (C). Volunteers typically work with one of these groups interacting with the children and helping staff with daily activities. Volunteers help at meal times and with play sessions, games and outings for smaller groups of children.


Leyla Salman

Christine Revell Children’s home cares for approximately 50 abused, abandoned, and neglected children from ages 0-6, regardless of their race, gender, background or HIV status. The home provides full-time care to the children and also houses their own school programs. I spend my days working in the classroom with the 4-6 year olds, help run the pre-school program in the morning, and provide general childcare in the afternoon. I play with the kids, help them in music and drawing class, and do arts and crafts with them.

The children have faced a lot of hardship in their young lives, and many have been frequently moved between different children’s homes, their parents’ care and different foster homes. The one day that has proven this whole service learning experience worthwhile for me is when one of the little girls, Kelly (4 years old), was adopted by a social worker and her family. She put on a new bright pink outfit and walked down the stairs at the home, kids lined up on either side of her who were chanting “Bye bye Kelly!” The atmosphere was completely overwhelming, as Kelly said goodbye to the place and people who had been her home since she was less than a year old. It is amazing to see how much of a home this place really is and the ties between the kids that are truly as strong as of any other “real” family.

Christine Revell Children’s Home breaks the cycle of violence for the children it takes in. Most of these children have, in one way or another, been abused or neglected by their parental figures. At the home, they are given the unconditional love and affection they deserve, while being taught right from wrong. Many of the children that the home stays in touch with go on to lead successful lives professionally and personally. Early childhood development and the ways in which the home impacts these children has long-term consequences, and the home is essential to the bettering of South Africa by improving the potential of its future generation of leaders.





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