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The South African Council of Churches (SACC) is a national organization of churches and institutions that work together as one body focusing on social issues affecting South Africa. They represent over 30 Christian churches as well as other religions and speak on behalf of about 15 million South Africans. Beyond social justice issues the organization works for deeper reconciliation and the empowering of the marginalized. The SACC's Parliamentary Office was created to encourage the church's' commitment to strengthening the voices of poor and marginalized groups in the public policy process. The group monitors the development of legislation and policy, engages in advocacy around issues of concern to the church, informs church bodies about current policy debates, conducts advocacy training workshops, and offers pastoral support to members of parliament.



Elizabeth King

As a Service Learner at the SACC I have an office oriented job. I am engaged in research surrounding the Children’s Bill Amendment and corporal punishment (CP). CP was banned in schools in previous legislation, but is still widely used. What the SACC along with RAPCAN want to see is schools implementing forms of Positive Discipline, showing educators and administrators that CP is not their only option. Some are also engaged in getting CP banned in homes; as of now it is legal, but research and good sense shows that using it at home just perpetuates a cycle of violence that is not only unhealthy, but also very hard to break. The research I am doing will be a compilation of information that has already been done in schools. It will involve reading reports and interviewing those that have engaged in prior research. I will be contacting many different advocates including employees of the Children's Resource Center, Community Law Center, and Save the Children, as well as making contacts with school principals and educators. This is being done so that the many NGOs who are interested in the topic and children’s rights can make informed submissions to parliament, making sure that children and those that care for their well being are heard.




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