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South Africa

Learn to Earn was established in 1989 in Khayelitsha, originally as the Baptist Training Center, and in 1995 it was renamed Learn to Earn. Learn to Earn is an organization that seeks to train and equip a previously unemployed person with skills so that they can become employed. The skills training includes sewing, wood work, computer, and graphic design. However, Learn to Earn seeks to provide more than potential jobs; they attempt to impart life skills and a higher sense of person on the individuals that come through their doors. Learn to Earn teaches their values with a very strong Christian outlook, and are not shy about their religious affiliation, as they have daily prayers and life orientation classes weekly.


Cristina Garcia

Learn to Earn offers classes for people who are unemployed and looking to find a skill that will enable them to look for employment. They fill out forms before they graduate so that their information can be put on a database for employers to find them. I have been working with those forms to upload them onto the website and help them create their CVs (Resumes). I am also working on a project to help make the databases more efficient and then be able to find past graduates. The purpose is that I can find graduates and interview them to measure the sustainability of the organization and whether it develops a long term change in the students’ lives. Learn to Earn is a great place that really makes an impact on the community around it. It is obvious that everyone that works there loves being there and the students are also very grateful for the education they receive. It is a very welcoming place.

Ryan Corr

I am currently working with the Business Resource side of Learn to Earn, which basically entails me being an administrative assistant. I go to Learn to Earn twice a week from 8-4 and while I am there I am attempting to assist the Business Resource Manager, Andrew Lane in any way possible. This has included but is not limited to doing costing for materials, material orders, keeping books, and also dealing with cliental. I was supposed to be in charge of Learn to Earns involvement in the Khayelitsha Festival, however while I was planning I found out that Cape Town did not approve the necessary budget for the Festival, so it was put on hold indefinitely. Andrew was quick to find another project for me, and since then I have been working on stream lining the international shipping. Currently it is very expensive and not efficient to market products abroad, so I am working on changing that.  Learn to Earn is very well run organization and provides a great service, however I did not have a lot of interaction with the trainees as I was more working on the business aspects.


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