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South Africa

The Saartjie Baartman Center was established nearly ten years ago and has a sterling reputation for being a haven for abused mothers and their children. Acceptance into the Center is based up on personal need and housing is limited, with only twenty women and their families at a time.  Women initially stay in dormitories and after several months they may move to private housing on the premises. Stays are limited to less then a year upon completion of counseling and job training. The Center also offers job training, legal advice, self-defense, and arts and crafts activities, all in the same building.


Mary Chapman

Service learning work at the Center is based upon personal ability and depends upon how early one applies to the Center. Some may offer workshops on job training or personal empowerment. Psychology students may work personally with the women on their abusive histories. The daycare center, however also has a great need for extra hands for the more than ten children who come with their mothers to the Center. Workshops for the children's mothers are abundant, but those for children are often limited. Help is needed to teach the children about HIV/AIDS, peer respect, and to provide  fun activities to make their lives a little happier while they stay at the Center with their mothers.

Domestic abuse is a large problem in South Africa that unfortunately does not receive the attention it deserves. But with the help of the Saartjie Baartman Center, these injustices are combated to make the next generation of women free-thinking and independent from their abusers.


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