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Test taking: "This is a test. It's only a test."

Is this you?

At Marquete, you are often tested on much more than simple definitions or text from your lecture notes or books. Most often, instructors want to see if you studied not only what things are — definitions and information from notes and books — but how things are related or how things are applied to real-world situations. Below, read below about the various types of tests and how to study for them:

  1. Multiple choice
  2. Essay
  3. True/false
  4. Short answer
  5. Open book

These few tips should help you identify and prepare for various types of tests. Stop in the Couglin Hall, Room 125, or call (414) 288-4252 to make an appointment with a professional staff member who can work with you on time management.


About Academic Services

Academic Services is here to help students reach their academic and personal goals. We offer group and one-on one workshops about: