Five Questions With...
Mentor Laura Guy, Arts '83

(Tara Giery, Arts '17, mentee)

Tara Giery and Laura Guy1. You’ve completed your first year in the MUAA Mentor Program. What have you found to be the most rewarding experience working with your mentee, Tara Giery?
The most rewarding experience was simply to be with someone who was so excited to start the next chapter in her life.

2. What suggestions do you have for mentees?
Be open to change directions as you meet with your mentor. We found that as we got to know each other and “dug a little deeper”, tangential goals developed and were pursued.

3. What’s your favorite Marquette memory?
Being a GDL (Group Discussion Leader) for Freshman Orientation Week my junior and senior years. Too many stories to tell you about. We actually have our own Facebook page where we reminisce constantly!

4. What qualities do you look for and appreciate in the people you work with or hire?  
I appreciate an individual who is confident, accepts criticism and enjoys new challenges. 

5. Is there a class you wish you would’ve taken when you were at Marquette? If so, what was it?
Since I changed my major three times I didn’t have an opportunity to explore other courses outside my required classes. On the other hand, because I did change my major often I had a diverse course of study—including 18 credits of dance!

Laura Guy is president at Schaper, Benz & Wise Family Wealth Counsel in Neenah, Wisconsin.

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