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Your Alumni Association staff is here to serve YOU!

Marquette University's Alumni Association staff is dedicated to serving the needs of Marquette's alumni. We strive to develop programs and events that will positively affect the Marquette community and foster strong university connections among all alumni.

Please feel free to contact our staff members at any time with your ideas about new programs, feedback on events you've attended or requests for assistance.

Lisa Bartoszewicz Lisa Bartoszewicz
(414) 288-4511
Senior Engagement Officer

Lisa is the liaison for the Association of Marquette University Women and the Raynor Memorial Libraries Leadership Council. She also coordinates Alumni National Awards and assists with CIRCLES programming.

Megan Bianco
(414) 288-8439
Advancement Associate, Engagement and External Relations

Megan supports the Engagement and External Relations team, assisting with programming around regional clubs, Reunion + Homecoming, the Marquette University Alumni Association National Board, and CIRCLES.

Terrie Bruckbauer

Terrie Bruckbauer
Advancement Associate, Engagement and Outreach
(414) 288-3353

Terrie assists the Alumni Outreach team and contributes to the planning and promotion of alumni outreach events.

Sarah Burkhart

Sarah Burkhart, Bus Ad ’03, Grad ’12
Engagement Director
(414) 288-3959

Sarah oversees regional club programming, faculty and networking programming, and leads efforts for Alumni Reunion Weekend including volunteer and fundraising programs. She also staffs the Marquette University Alumni Association Board of Directors and acts as the liaison between Alumni Engagement and Outreach and the Les Aspin Center for Government in Washington, D.C., and the Haggerty Museum of Art.


Kate Ceille
Advancement Associate
(414) 288-5968

Kate supports the Engagement and External relations team, assisting with the planning and execution of high-end stewardship and athletics programs intended to strengthen connections with Marquette alumni, parents, benefactors and friends.

DeWeerdt Dan DeWeerdt

Engagement Director
(414) 288-4740

Dan is responsible for developing professional and social programs for the Marquette University Alumni Association’s Chicago Club. He also leads career development initiatives including a nationally recognized mentoring initiative, job shadow program and providing career resources to Marquette alumni.  

Alysia Dvorachek Alysia Dvorachek, Comm '07, Grad '13

Assistant Director
(414) 288-7697

Alysia staffs regional alumni clubs around the county, helping to promote Marquette gatherings and fundraisers. She also works with volunteers to develop programming for the LGBT+ Alumni Council. Alysia also oversees budgets for the Engagement and External Relations team.


Lindsay Gonzalez
Senior Engagement Officer
(414) 288-4768

Lindsay is the engagement and outreach liaison for the Marquette University Parents Council. She also oversees the university’s annual Community Campaign and serves as the advancement liaison for the Office of Student Development and Undergraduate Admissions.

klopatek Alyssa Klopatek

Engagement Director, Communication
(414) 288-6584

Alyssa manages Alumni Association electronic and print communication, including email marketing and outreach to alumni. She also maintains MU Connect and other related Web sites.


Linda Manka
Advancement Associate
(414) 288-5390

Linda assists in the development and distribution of communication materials to alumni and external constituents. She supports work in e-communications, social media outlets and development of MU Connect, as well as national alumni awards and reunions. She also manages the print process for various engagement print pieces.

Stacy Mitz

Stacy Mitz
Assistant Vice President, Engagement
(414) 288-7439

Stacy oversees all offerings from the Marquette University Alumni Association, including more than 350 worldwide programs per year as well as volunteer management for thousands of Marquette alumni, parents and friends. In addition to broad-based outreach efforts, Stacy is also responsible for targeted affinity-based, stewardship and cultivation opportunities for Marquette University alumni and benefactors.

Jill Ott

Jill Ott
Engagement Director

Jill oversees Alumni National Awards weekend.  The annual weekend honors distinguished alumni from every college and school who represent the heart, soul and spirit of Marquette.  She also assists with engagement efforts relating to stewardship, and other Marquette priorities as they emerge.

Kim Perez

Kim Perez
Assistant Engagement Director
(414) 288-0347

Kim coordinates athletic related engagement events. She also serves as the liaison between Alumni Engagement and Outreach and the Athletics Department. Kim also helps to coordinate CIRCLES events both locally and nationwide.

Hannah Barr

Hannah Puryear
(414) 288-3894
Assistant Engagement Director

Hannah plans and executes stewardship and high-end offerings intended to strengthen relationships with Marquette alumni, parents, and benefactors. Hannah also manages programming around athletics and other Marquette priorities as they emerge.

Marlee Rawski Marlee Rawski

Engagement Director
(414) 288-4767

Marlee collaborates with teammates to develop and execute engagement programming and stewardship events around the country, aiming to connect Marquette alumni and friends with the university, leadership and each other and provide opportunities to express gratitude for benefactor support.

Jennilee Schlinsky Jennilee Schlinsky, Grad '08

Engagement Director
(414) 288-7661

Jennilee oversees student and young alumni engagement efforts, including the Student Alumni Ambassador program. She also leads on the social media strategy for the Marquette University Alumni Association and manages its social media channels. Additionally, Jennilee helps manage National Marquette Day programming and the recently reignited homecoming initiatives.

schult Taylor Schult

Engagement Director
(414) 288-0389

Taylor oversees CIRCLES programming, Marquette’s innovative business networking program that connects alumni, parents and friends doing business in or providing services to specific industries. In addition to broad-based programming, she leads on CIRCLES program extensions, such as CEO roundtables. Taylor also collaborates closely with reunion teammates to oversee annual fundraising efforts around Reunions + Homecoming.

Shurn Rachelle Shurn, Prof St, '11

Engagement Officer
(414) 288-4765

Rachelle works closely with the Marquette University Alumni Association National Board of Directors. In addition to overseeing a number of regional clubs and the Ethnic Alumni Association, she coordinates reunion volunteer recruitment.

Arielle Smith

Arielle Smith
Engagement Officer
(414) 288-4986

Arielle supports the Alumni Engagement team and assists with the planning and execution of high-end, stewardship and athletics offerings intended to strengthen connections with Marquette alumni, parents, benefactors and friends.

Carol Winkel

Carol Winkel
(414) 288-7633
Senior Engagement Writer/Editor

Carol is the primary writer and editor for alumni engagement events involving formal speakers, including university leadership, alumni and students. She further supports the writing needs of Engagement staff through her work on correspondence, promotional pieces, meeting materials and event sponsorship information, among other projects.

Questions? Call the Marquette University Alumni Association at (800) 344-7544.

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