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Elizabeth Boland

Elizabeth A. Boland

Friend of the College of Nursing Award

College of Nursing

Friend of the College of Nursing Award

Elizabeth A. Boland

Honoring all stages of human life — from conception to natural death — is the moral compass Betty Boland follows in her personal and professional lives. She has been a rural general practitioner and pediatric nurse and held positions in staff development and patient care coordination. Betty also founded Right to Life in Decatur, Ill., and obtained a charter for Birthright in the same community more than 30 years ago.

Since then, Betty has lectured on human development and natural family planning at a variety of Christian congregations, high schools and universities. She also has shared her expertise on TV and radio call-in shows in Illinois and North Carolina.

In addition to caring for her husband and three children, Betty has been a foster parent for high-risk infants exposed to prenatal substance abuse and has nursed several members of her family through serious illnesses.

Because Betty's mission to respect all phases of human life is fundamental, she says this of her commitment to the College of Nursing's Institute for Natural Family Planning: "I am determined to serve the greater glory of God by supporting programs that promote the dignity of all human life — programs that encourage and foster excellence and reflect how God created us as man and woman. The College of Nursing has enabled development of the Institute for Natural Family Planning and its mission to help couples appreciate their God-given gift of fertility."

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Betty’s Marquette legacy: Her husband, Richard, son and daughter-in-law