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E. Lynn Swartz Goetsch, Dent Hy '70

E. Lynn Swartz Goetsch, Dent Hy '70

Distinguished Alumna in
Dental Hygiene Award

College of Health Sciences

Distinguished Alumna in Dental Hygiene Award

E. Lynn Swartz Goetsch, Dent Hy '70

Quick: Name one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Hint: It offers flexible scheduling, a median annual wage of $67,000 and the chance to brighten smiles all day long. Give up? Two words: dental hygienist.

If this sounds like something you'd like to get into, Lynn Goetsch is probably one of the best people in the country to talk to. A practicing dental hygienist for more than 35 years, she's also an award-winning instructor in the field who directs the dental hygiene program at Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin.

"I love my job as a dental hygienist and as an educator in the dental hygiene program," Lynn says. "That's probably why I've stayed in both for so long."

Lynn received her dental hygiene degree in 1970 and her bachelor's from Marquette in 1972, added a master's from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 1984, and is working toward a doctorate in educational leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Along with her degrees, she has picked up a number of awards, including Distinguished Service in Public Health from the Department of Public Health for Madison (Wis). and Dane County for providing care for underserved populations and MATC's Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

"I love to share my experiences with students and watch their lights go on when they get it," she says. "The job is ever-changing, and it keeps me up to date. I don't have time to get stale or bored."

Former Marquette faculty member Marilyn (Moss) Beck, Dent Hy '64, Grad '75, had a big impact on Lynn. "She was the teacher I wanted to be," Lynn says. "I liked the way she taught, took time to listen and treated all her students fairly."

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Favorite quote: “The ripple form a single stone cast into the water touches small islands, distant shores … so has your teaching.” — Received in a thank you card from a former student