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Jean Maier, Bus Ad '74, and <br>
Louis  A. Maier, III, Bus Ad '74

M. Jean Maier and
Louis A. Maier, III, Bus Ad '74

Friends of Marquette Athletics Award

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Friends of Marquette Athletics Award

M. Jean Maier and Louis A. Maier, III, Bus Ad '74

In today's complicated world, it is refreshing to hear a formula for success as simple as Louie Maier's: "Set goals, and get after it."

After starting his first paper route at age 9 and selling life insurance and investments while a senior at Marquette, Louie built his family's pension administration firm, Emjay Corp., into a company so successful that in 1998 he sold it to Norwest Corp., now owned by Wells Fargo.

Marquette's mission of excellence, faith, leadership and service matched perfectly with his upbringing. "It's a way of life that fortunately started in childhood and was supported and nurtured during my years at Marquette," Louie says. "The university was a good match for me in that regard."

Also, apparently, for his entire family: His father, Louie A. Maier, Jr., is a graduate (Bus Ad '36), as are his sisters — Mary Regina Maier Ryan, Arts '63; Nell H. Maier Wegmann, Arts '72; and Maggie M. Marquis, Nurs '70.

Louie and Jean met at Dominican High School in Whitefish Bay, Wis., and have been together since. She is the matriarch of their extended family and thrives on spending time with their grandchildren. They rarely miss men's basketball games.

"Marquette has always made us feel part of the family," he says. "We see so many friends at the basketball games and try and promote the success of the program every chance we get. We also enjoy co-hosting President Father Wild's party in northern Wisconsin each year."

Louie and Jean have been active contributors to the athletics department for the past 20 years, having generously given more than $1 million. Louie has been a men's basketball season ticket holder since 1974 and is a member of Marquette's 1881 Society, the Marquette Minutemen and Al's Sixth Man Club for contributions to the Al McGuire Center. He also was a fellow on the President's Council.

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Here is more about Louie — What he wanted to be in grade school: He always wanted to be successful in business, which he started at age 9 with his first paper route.

Here is more about Jean — What she wanted to be in grade school: A nurse