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Kathleen Groves Thometz and
Frank P. Thometz

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Friend of the College Award

Kathleen Groves Thometz and Frank P. Thometz

Kathleen and Frank Thometz have been richly rewarded by life. But they don't see rewards as an end. They see them as a means.

Frank believes, "If we share our good fortune with others, God will reward us by providing the means to keep sharing."

Kathleen adds, "We strongly believe in contributing and giving back to the community in which we live. It's not about us." She likes to quote Winston Churchill on the subject: "Look not for rewards from others, but hope you have done your best."

Two sons attended Marquette — where Kathleen's father also received his master's degree — which inspired the couple to establish a uniquely rewarding program for the university and its students, The Business Leaders Forum. Each year, the forum brings Fortune 100 CEOs to campus to address students, parents and alumni. Students receive lessons in success directly from some of the most prominent business leaders in the country.

The forum was Kathleen's brainchild. "I believe a thriving urban community, such as Milwaukee, benefits from a thriving urban university," she said. Mindful of successful speaker programs at other universities, Kathleen challenged Marquette to develop one that not only equaled but surpassed those already in existence. Each year both Thometzes are instrumental in the planning, recruitment and execution of this flagship program.

"We believe in a strong work ethic combined with integrity and a commitment to community," Frank said. Frank and Kathleen are instilling that spirit in a new generation of business leaders through their example.

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