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Brookfield, Wis.

Jennifer is a faculty member at the Medical College of Wisconsin, board certified in neurology, internal medicine and neuro-oncology. Her expertise includes the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of tumors and cancers of the brain and spine. She also evaluates and treats neurologic complications of cancer and its treatment.

As a neuro-oncologist, Jennifer considers it a privilege to care for her patients, who often have been given an incurable diagnosis, focusing on improving their quality of life and the goals they wish to accomplish despite their disease.

“I meet some of the most amazing people in my line of work and find it completely rewarding to see them succeed and achieve their goals, whether it’s holding their first grandchild, walking their child down the aisle on a wedding day or simply being able to return to work,” she says.

Her research interests include molecular pathology and the development of advanced MRI imaging techniques for diagnosing and treating tumors. Working with Dr. Kathleen Schmainda, a professor at the Medical College and an adjunct faculty member in the College of Engineering, Jennifer recruits patients for advanced MRI studies, investigating brain tumor angiogenesis and invasion and correlating it with clinical data.

Jennifer attributes much of her success to Marquette. “The College of Engineering gave me the tools to integrate the vast amount of information in medicine and apply it to my patients. Marquette shaped me into the physician I am and gave me the ability to provide compassionate care to my patients and their families,” she says.