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Diederich College of Communication Award Recipients


StockhausenAdam J. Stockhausen, Comm '95

Brooklyn, N.Y.

From Marquette Theatre to partnerships with celebrated film directors such as Steven Spielberg and Wes Anderson, production designer Adam has blazed the trails of the film world. He’s led the selection of locations and creation of sets for productions such as 12 Years A Slave and Moonrise Kingdom, and won an Academy Award for Best Production Design for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

As a production designer, Adam travels the globe to create the illustrious worlds of award-winning films. “The best part about the work I do is probably the collaboration,” he says. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing and inspiring people in all aspects of the film business.”

At Marquette, College of Communication faculty members guided Adam on his path to success, introducing him to members of the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and Skylight Opera. Equipped with design experience, he earned a master of fine arts degree from the Yale School of Drama. “Success — along with a great deal of luck — is being able to make a living by doing what you love,” he says. “My professors and peers encouraged me to follow my dreams, and I have been tremendously fortunate with the outcome.”

Fun fact: Stockhausen’s good friend from his Marquette days, Erin Slattery Black, Comm ’95, has won three Emmy Awards for her work designing Muppets costumes for Sesame Street.

A Marquette faculty or staff member who had an impact on you: Debra Krajec and Kenneth Kloth. Both Ken and Deb really went out of their way to give me a leg up. Their support was years and years of pointing the way.