MUAA Mentor Program


Apply by Sept. 4



Meet a significant and increasing demand for students to gain insight from alumni to help prepare them for their professional journey following graduation, while providing a valuable experience for alumni to connect with students and their alma mater.

How It Works

  • A 1:1 match with selected students and alumni in 25 states. Students will be selected based upon completed application information; faculty recommendation (where applicable); area of study; field of interest; and potential post-graduation geographic destination

Students in the following colleges/majors/areas of interest who should consider applying

  • College of Business Administration (for sophomores and transfer students; complements College of Business career support for all students)
  • College of Health Sciences. Majors: Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • College of Nursing
  • Diederich College of Communication. Majors: All (for juniors and seniors)
  • Klingler College of Arts and Sciences. Majors: Biological Sciences, English, History, Philosophy, Psychology
  • Opus College of Engineering. Majors: All
  • Law
  • Kohler Center for Entrepreuneurship (Students interested in innovation or entrepreneurship; regardless of major)


  • September: includes application period; review process; interviewing of finalist candidates; matching of mentors and mentees; and notification; in-person mentee training for selected students
  • October 5: event kick-off with mentors and mentees
  • October 20: participant goal development and communication documents due
  • October-April: ongoing engagement through workshops, online and in-person communication with mentees, mentors, and university staff and faculty
  • Winter: mentor and mentee networking social and mid-point participant online survey
  • April 25: mentor/mentee program conclusion on campus

Measuring Success

  • Completion of individual goals determined by mentors/mentees at program’s outset in October
  • Ongoing dialogue/discussion with mentors and mentees throughout initiative and the conclusion of the program, including conversation outcomes and frequency; topics discussed; projected next steps for future dialogue; how to additionally support mentors and mentees; and tracking potential shadow and campus visits
  • Career development tracking (internship, job opportunities, other networking opportunities with mentor colleagues, peers)
  • Mid-point and conclusion: online evaluation surveys


Marquette University Alumni Association Mentor Program Director Dan DeWeerdt at (414) 288-4740 or

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