young alumni association (YAA)

Ask any Marquette alum and they'll tell you that everyone ultimately leaves Marquette, but Marquette never leaves them! That's the message the Young Alumni Association emphasizes to all new and recent graduates. The organization is a great way to stay connected and carry Marquette's message into your career and your community.

If you'd like to learn more about the different volunteering opportunities and leadership positions available with the Young Alumni group, please contact Megan Bianco, Comm '17, at

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YAA Events

All events hosted by the Young Alumni Association may be found on the main MUAA Event Calendar.

YAA Officers

Mary Newby, Bus Ad ’17, President
Mari Lucco, Comm ’14, Vice President/President-elect
Emma Nevermann, Comm ’17, Secretary
Megan Bianco, Comm '17, Advancement Associate, Alumni Engagement

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