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It’s YOUR career. How healthy is it? Vibrant and growing or stagnant and slowing? Since you own it, you are fully in charge of your career’s health.

Around this time of the year, many of us take inventory of our current work life situation. Below is a list of “10 things” to focus on when exploring career development or new job opportunities.

  • Explore project opportunities or developmental assignments to gain/strengthen skills
  • Speak to your manager and/or human resource partner about development options
  • Tune up your current resume or work profile
  • Take time to network in professional associations
  • Seek/identify a mentor
  • Engage in social media career sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Sign up for “alumni” networks – both university and work
  • Stay current on your profession’s trends and innovations
  • Investigate industries that align with your personal passions (if not already working in one)
  • Volunteer in an area of interest

It is your career. Monitor its health and make it count!

noviskis3 Brian Noviskis, Bus Ad '82, is vice president of human resources of Signode Industrial Group, LLC in Glenview, Ill. Contact him at Brian Noviskis, Bus Ad '82,



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