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A vast majority of North American employees plan to pursue new job opportunities in 2014, according to a poll by Right Management, the talent and career management experts within ManpowerGroup. Eighty-three percent of the nearly 900 workers who participated in the online poll say they intend to actively seek a new position in the New Year.

83%. That’s a big number! Why would that be? Well, we also know that Workforce engagement is low – so there are many people who are looking to leave their current positions. 

Is this you? If you are in that 83% I’d encourage you to seriously consider if the grass will indeed be “greener” someplace else. Sometimes we think the answer is
change – only to find out that we bring the same issues and questions with us to the new company.

Maybe this is the moment to do some serious self-reflection about where you are and where you actually want to be. Perhaps these questions can help with that:

- What is your passion?

- What are your skills/strengths and what needs improvement?

- Does your current position afford you any opportunities to learn and grow? Are you fully availing yourself of these opportunities?

- Are you tapping your passion, skills, energy and focus to contribute your best in your current job?

- Are you investing in the development of working relationships and partnerships to help you advance your career?

Perhaps the most important question is not “If not here, where?” But rather: “If not this, what?” What do I want in terms of culture, challenge, working relationships and growth?

Without that kind of clarity, you may find yourself chasing the elusive “something better” again…and again…and again…

Mary Alice TierneyMary Alice Tierney, Sp '72, is an executive coach at Right Management, ManpowerGroup.




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