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Stand out with these resume and interview tips from Milwaukee Bucks HR executive

Kelly Kauffman, Arts '97 and chief human capital officer for the Milwaukee Bucks, has reviewed her share of resumes and interviewed many candidates during her 20-year career in human resources.

Following these resume and interview tips can help you stand out among other job candidates. Kelly recently offered her insights for fellow alumni, students and members of the Marquette community.

Resume Tips

  • Sell yourself! Be sure that your resume details the work that you have done. I see many resumes that just state what the role is and not give any details regarding accomplishments. If the role is customer service – who did you serve?  What problems did you solve? If it’s sales – how much did you sell?  Did you meet your goal?
  • List projects that were completed and problems that were solved. Measurable results are key – quantify your results whenever possible.
  • Resumes do NOT need to be limited to one page! Do not leave out details if they are pertinent just to keep the resume short.
  • Do not use a resume template. Be creative and stand out amongst other candidates. If you are in marketing or graphic design, format your resume to show your creativity. If you are in Finance – keep the resume clean and easy to read.
  • Proofread over and over and use spellcheck. Have a friend proofread and provide suggestions!
  • Use the same font and spacing throughout the resume. Make it pleasing to the eye.

Interview Tips

  • Be prepared! Research the company and be ready to provide thoughtful answers. If the company is growing, know why! Are they adding new sites, launching a new product, etc.
  • Bring a portfolio of your work. This shows the interviewer exactly what you have done in prior positions or in class – it’s a tangible example of your work. It also allows for an interview to be more unique instead of sitting across from the interviewer and only answering questions.
  • Read the job description and think of examples of what you have done that pertain to the job and be prepared to discuss. 
  • Have questions ready! Who does the position report to?  Why is the position open? How do you define success in the role? These questions will be able to tell you a lot about the company and the opening.
  • Follow up. Send thank you notes either by email or hand-written as soon as possible after the interview.

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Kelly Kauffman, Arts '97Kelly Kauffman, Arts '97, is chief human capital officer for the Milwaukee Bucks and is serving for the second year in the Marquette University Alumni Association Mentor Program.



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