Responsibilities of student mentees

  1. Meet with your mentor face-to-face a minimum of three times during the program (September-April, includes the kick off and closing program in April). Depending on scheduling and distance between the mentor and mentee, Skype can certainly be an option. We encourage face-to-face dialogue a couple of times, however, if possible.
  2. Schedule a time to meet with your mentor no more than one week from the kickoff to discuss goals.
  3. Monthly conversations (face-to-face dialogue is included here) regarding various topics such as interviewing, career interests, resume review and networking, among others.
  4. Schedule monthly meetings with your mentor. It is the mentee’s responsibility to be proactive with prompting communication with their mentor.   
  5. Periodic communication with staff  regarding the progress with their mentor. This includes how staff can serve you.
  6. Attend the closing celebartion program in April.

    Tips for Jump-starting Your Relationship

    Characteristics of Effective Mentees

  7. - Share ideas openly and honestly
    - Be accountable
    - Respect mentor's time
    - Don’t ask for special favors
    - “Reverse mentoring” look for a way to give back
    - Listen carefully and be open-minded
    - Act and speak in a professional manner
    - Drive the process/logistics



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