30-year Reunion • Class of 1988

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Attend your Class of 1988 Friday-night Party

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018
8 - 11:30 p.m.
City Lights Brewing Company, 2200 W. Mt. Vernon Avenue, Milwaukee

Iconic buildings. Idyllic setting. Incredible beers. City Lights Brewing is one of Milwaukee's newest breweries. $40 per person includes a tour of the brewery, specialty beers, wine, cider and heavy appetizers from 8 - 10 p.m. Please note that $10 of the registration cost for your class party will be considered a non-refundable donation to the Scholarship Fund.

Register by Friday, Sept. 28. Friday-night Party registration prices will increase by $5 at the door.

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Make a gift in honor of your 30-year reunion

Let’s do something special in honor of our reunion and present Marquette with a gift that truly embodies our pride and love of this university by helping current and future students.

Class of 1988 goal is $275,000 with at least 350 donors participating.

Share your Marquette memories

Share a few of your favorite memories and photos from your time as a Marquette student. We may use your photos and stories in Reunion + Homecoming promotion.

Reunion + Homecoming volunteering

A reunion celebration is only a success if your classmates come back to celebrate with you. We need a strong group of volunteers who are willing to help create a buzz leading up to Reunion + Homecoming. No matter the amount of time you are able to commit, we have an opportunity for you! Visit the volunteering webpage for more information.


James P. Brogioli, Jour ’88

"I think places like Marquette are a force for good in our world and supporting them with time, talent and treasure is a worthwhile investment."

Kayleen L. Helms Ph.D., Eng ’88

"I am truly grateful that my first experience with Marquette on a high school visit led me on a path to a strong, well-rounded Jesuit education from some amazing instructors. That education has served me well enabling my life’s journey. I volunteer to give back and pay it forward to coming generations of students so that they, too will grow, learn, and go on to achieve great things making this world a better place."

Joseph B. Grimes, Eng ’89

James P. Hill Jr Jr., Bus Ad ’88

"Marquette is an incredible place. It is such a wonderful community made up of great people. I thought this 30 years ago and I feel it today as three of my daughters attend or have graduated from Marquette and experience the same feelings. Happy to get involved with the reunion and keep the energy going. We are Marquette!"

Kathleen M., Bus Ad ’88, and Michael R., Bus Ad ’88, Grad ’95, Hodan

"Our love for MU basketball and our dear college roommates prompted us to volunteer for our 30th reunion. A lot has transpired over three decades, but our MU friendships and season tickets have endured the test of time. Marquette will always remain an integral part of who we are and the life that has unfolded since graduation."

Laura A. Mullen, Bus Ad ’88

Barbara A. Otto, Jour ’88

Anne T. Pillion, Bus Ad ’88

Mary M. Powers, Comm ’88

Kim M. Sienko, Nurs ’88

Marcella A. Wahl, Arts ’88