Search process for Arts and Sciences dean

A search committee was named to identify the next dean of the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences. The committee, which comprises faculty, staff, students and trustees, is chaired by Dr. Rosemary Stuart, professor of biological sciences.

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  • Search committee to interview semi-finalists off campus.  These will be comprehensive interviews with questions derived from the Opportunity and Challenge Profile.  The Provost will also have one-on-one interviews with each semi-finalist.
  • Search committee to make recommendations to the Provost about finalists.  Provost and search committee to discuss and reach consensus regarding finalists.


  • Finalists to make visits to campus to meet a broad range of faculty, students, and staff both from the college and from the larger campus.  The finalist visits will include opportunities for faculty participation, including some members of the University Academic Senate. All those who participate in a finalist visit will be asked to sign an Acknowledgment of Confidentiality Form.
  • Participants in finalist visits will be encouraged to submit feedback through on online form.


  • Search committee and Provost will review and discuss the feedback from the campus community. The President may choose to participate in this meeting.
  • As specified in the University Academic Senate Statutes, the Provost will meet with the Executive Committee of the University Academic Senate to listen to that group’s feedback regarding the finalists.
  • Isaacson, Miller and Marquette will conduct due diligence on finalists including extensive reference checks as well as criminal, media, and other background checks.

EARLY 2020

  • President Lovell and Provost will reflect on all of the feedback from the Marquette community and engage in discernment about next steps.
  • Provost to make an offer to a finalist.
  • Announcement of permanent dean.



  • Rosemary Stuart provides update to University Academic Senate.
  • Search committee meeting: second presentation of candidates.  Isaacson, Miller will present updated candidate pool.  Search committee will discuss candidate pool.  After deliberation, search committee will identify semi-finalists who will be interviewed off-campus.


  • Isaacson, Miller continues recruiting candidates to the pool with information from the search committee.


  • Search committee meeting to review Opportunity and Challenge Profile and the work ahead.
  • Search committee meeting: first presentation of candidates. Isaacson, Miller presents initial candidate pool, search committee provides feedback. This is a calibration meeting for the search firm to gain a better understanding of the types of candidates that the search committee views positively and negatively. 


  • Position is advertised in the following publications:
    American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity
    Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities website
    Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities website
    Chronicle of Higher Education
    Diverse Issues
    Hispanic Outlook
    Inside Higher Ed
    Insight into Diversity
    Isaacson, Miller website
    Marquette Human Resources website
    Women in Higher Education
  •  Isaacson, Miller uses Opportunity and Challenge Profile to develop a candidate pool using its extensive networks throughout higher education as well as nominations.

MAY 2019

  • Search committee utilizes input from the campus listening sessions to develop an Opportunity and Challenge Profile, which outlines the role of the Dean as well as an overview of Marquette University.
  • Rosemary Stuart writes to the college community with a search update and shares Opportunity and Challenge Profile.  Message asks for nominations from all members of the campus community.

APRIL 2019

  • Search committee announced:
    Dr. Rosemary Stuart, professor of biological sciences and chair of the search committee
    Dr. Lowell Barrington, associate professor and chair of political science
    Dr. Anne Clough, professor of mathematical & statistical sciences
    Kathy Coffey-Guenther, senior mission and Ignatian leadership specialist, university advancement
    Sofia Driscoll, Arts ’21, theology and psychology major
    Rev. Ryan Duns, S.J., assistant professor of theology
    Dr. Bill Henk, dean, College of Education
    Kelly McShane, Arts ’68, retired school psychologist and university trustee
    Mary Minson, senior assistant dean of advising, Klingler College of Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Grant Silva, associate professor of philosophy
    Dr. Theresa Tobin, associate dean for academic affairs and student development, Graduate School, and associate professor of philosophy
    Joe True, assistant vice president, college advancement and athletics, university advancement
    Dr. Darren Wheelock, associate professor of social and cultural sciences
    Dr. Amelia Zurcher, director, University Honors Program and associate professor of English
  • Search committee holds first meeting; Acting Provost Ah Yun gives charge to committee.
  • Search committee met with Jessica Franken, associate general counsel; Lynn Mellantine, assistant vice president for human resources; William Welburn, vice president for inclusive excellence; Fred Zagone, acting vice president for mission and ministry; regarding best practices for hiring focused on diversity and inclusion, hiring for mission, and legal do’s and don’ts.
  • Search committee hosts series of 10 listening sessions to engage the college and wider university community:
    Faculty (two sessions)
    President’s Advisory Team
    Associate deans/direct reports to the dean
    Department chairs/ROTC commanders/center directors
    Staff in the college
    Academic deans
    Members of the Marquette Jesuit Community
    College Leadership Council (alumni leaders)
  • Search committee met to discuss feedback from the college and the larger campus community, and how that feedback will influence the Opportunity and Challenge Profile.

MARCH 2019

  • Dr. Kimo Ah Yun, Acting Provost, invites Dr. Rosemary Stuart, Professor of Biological Sciences, to chair search committee.
  • Marquette engages Isaacson, Miller as executive search firm. Dr. Julie Filizetti is the lead search consultant. She has significant experience both with Marquette and in Jesuit higher education.
  • Using the Suggested Dean Search Protocol document, college faculty and staff were invited to nominate members of the search committee.  Final representation of the faculty committee members was based on a ballot vote.
  • Acting Provost Ah Yun invites additional individuals (dean, trustee, undergraduate student, University Advancement representatives, member of the Marquette Jesuit community, and staff) to serve on search committee.