Research at Marquette

At Marquette, undergraduate students have the opportunity to engage in research and creative projects with faculty who are leaders in their fields. Our faculty and students work at the cutting edge of research in science, social science, and humanities, engaging society's biggest challenges as we strive to create a more just and equitable world. To encourage especially qualified students to become actively involved in research projects as soon as they arrive on campus, the University has launched a new undergraduate research and mentoring program: the MU4Gold Scholars Program.

About MU4Gold Scholars

MU4Gold Scholars seeks to attract intellectually curious, academically gifted undergraduates who are excited about engaging in research and discovery with Marquette faculty. The MU4Gold Scholars Program mentors incoming freshmen and sophomores, assists them in securing faculty mentors, and provides research stipends to support them as engaged members of our vibrant research community. Embedded within Marquette’s University Honors Program, the MU4Gold Scholars Program is open to students admitted to the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences. This Program promotes student research in all academic areas of the College, including the humanities, the social and behavioral sciences and the natural and computational sciences.

Additional Information

For further information about the MU4Gold Scholars Program, please email us at, or call Arts and Sciences Professor of Biological Sciences, Dr. Rosemary Stuart (414-288-1472) or Director of the University Honors Program, Dr. Amelia Zurcher (414-288-3475).

2017-2018 inaugural cohort

The inaugural MU4Gold Scholars cohort entered as freshmen in the Fall of 2017 and their details and faculty research mentors are given below.

Gabriel (Gabby) Charbonneau – Third Lake, IL

Research focus: Examining the evolutionary processes that generate and maintain biological diversity

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tony Gamble, Dept. of Biological Sciences

Nikita (Nikki) Deep - Antigo, WI

Research project: Ethical implications and arguments of using Nazi experimentation data in science and medicine today

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brittany Pladek, Dept. of English

Kathryn (Kate) Gustafson - Bloomington, IL

Research project: Impact of police brutality on race relations

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nakia Gordon, Dept. of Psychology

 Chris Ibitoye - Milwaukee, WI

Research project: Perception of Nigerian-Americans about their fit in American history

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alison Efford, Dept. of History

Marcella Michalek - South Milwaukee, WI

Research project: Impacts of the Haitian Revolution on American society and views on race by evaluating 1790 census for black heads of households

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kristen Foster, Dept. of History

Eric Miller - Lindenhurst, IL

Research Project: Investigation into the relationship between Greek dramas, like Euripides’ Bacchae, and the Gospels

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Cover, Dept. of Theology


Kai Khasu- Skokie, IL

Research project: Mapping Wisconsin high schools who offer computer science classes as a part of their curriculum

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow, Department of Math, Statistics and Computer Science